It's great ...

.... what being featured on the front page of etsy can do !!

I was very lucky to be featured, for the very first time, on the front page of etsy on Thursday night. Unfortunately it was in the middle of the night here in the UK, so I didn't actually see it. Someone contacted me (from Barbados) to tell me that my felt balls had been featured, but sadly I never got to see my 5 minutes of fame. But never mind, it resulted in a flurry of sales and over 60 people hearting me ! Thank you to whoever it was that added me to their treasury - I really do appreciate it.

Now, BUTTONS !! Carrying on with my latest obsession, take a look at these gorgeous gorgeous buttons that I am now stocking on my website. They measure 1.25 inches in diameter and come in sets of 3 (as shown). Each set costs £3. I've been glueing brooch pins onto the back and selling these at local craft fairs - they're going down a storm !! Buy them here

I've also got some of this lovely felt string now listed on the site - £3 will get you 3 metres of handmade felt string - use it as gift wrapping with some of my felt flowers on your pressies !! You can buy it here !

I've also been having a bit of a spend-up. Sadly not on me, well actually, thinking about it, yes I did treat myself to a bit of Boden - the most gorgeous lime green cord coat that I just want to stroke all the time - me thinks I'll have to put one of those lovely brooches on it ! But I digress - I've been having a bit of a Blooming Felt spend-up on etsy. I LOVE etsy. How is it that you can find just about everything you could ever want on that site?? I use etsy to buy a lot of my supplies. I wish I could support more UK stockists and sellers, but sadly here in the UK it seems really difficult to buy what I call "different" supplies. They seem to be so much more readily available in the USA, hence the reason why I use etsy so frequently. I've been really lucky to find some fantastic sellers on there - actually - I think all etsy sellers are fantastic because we all come from the same crafty mould !!

So today I spent an almost obscene amount of money on supplies which will be winging their way to me very soon. I can't wait to receive them because I'm now cranking up for all the Christmas Craft Fairs that I'm booked to attend. At yesterday's craft fair I was speaking to some of the older girls that attend Sam's school to find out what they thought would sell and what they would buy if they saw me at the various fairs. So now I've got lots of ideas for new stock that I will make specifically for the Christmas Fairs. On top of that, everyone else is obviously thinking the same thing because sales on my website have gone through the roof this last week with all manner of things being purchased - thank you if you are one of those people who has spent some of your hard earned cash on my little website.

On a completely separate note - has anyone ever attended the "Make-It" shows which are held in Farnborough and Bolton each year? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts on them.

Right - that's it from me for the mo - I'm off to look at etsy ...... AGAIN !!
Byeee xx


Swirlyarts said...

Congrats on the front page! There is a Flickr front page group that someone posts all the front pages up onto (well the vast majority anyway) so you might be able to see yourself on there.

Sandra at Gotta Craft said...

Oh well done ... front page ... I'm most impressed :) And just loving those buttons of yours. I'm happily sending people over to your site as just love to bit what you do and have.

Tip Top said...

Beautiful buttons! I would love to make a card with them but I'd have to buy lots as they are all so pretty!!! Not surprised they are selling well!

And congrats on the front page!


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