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Hello, hello, hello !!

How fantastic is this weather ? Essex has been positively basking in sunshine this last week and I'm LOVING it ! At last, the children actually want to be outside - we finished the play centre last weekend and they've spent literally hours on it. And of course with all this lovely weather it would be silly not to use the pool, so everything has been checked and serviced and is ready for the summer season. Unfortunately I didn't realise that we'd run out of oil so had to make a pleading phonecall to the fuel company and beg them to deliver some oil so that we can use the boiler to heat the pool. Sadly they can't come until tomorrow, but there was a teeny weeny little bit left in the tank so we managed to get the pool up to temperature so that we could use it today. Which was just as well because today is hubby's 40th birthday. We had a lovely day, just chilling out this morning and then friends and family round for swimming and drinks this afternoon.

So, with all this lovely weather things have been a bit slow on the website front and I haven't had time to update the site. But, I had a fantastic delivery on Friday and it contained 40, yes 40 different colours of wool roving. They're all 25g balls and will be loaded onto the site this week (my camera is playing up, which isn't really helping things at all!)

I've also had a complete restock of felt balls, along with a few new designs.

I'm now stocking handmade felt shapes - again, these will be on the site later this week.

And this book is on the way to me as we speak - if you fancy giving needle felting a go, there are some really lovely projects in this book. And of course, you can buy all of your wool roving, needles and pads etc from my site at the same time !!

If you subscribe to my mailing list you'll receive an email from me later this week once everything has been loaded onto the site as well as details of some new, very exciting items that are on order. If you aren't currently on my mailing list and want to know about the new items, then get yourself over to the home page of my website and subscribe !!

Sarah x

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Lindsey said...

I am soooo envious of you having a pool. We've had a grubby, leaf-filled paddling pool with freezing water in our garden ;0)
The needle felt creatures look really sweet - a bit like Sylvanian families.


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