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What a gorgeous day it has been here in Essex today. Lovely and sunny and warm - sadly I don't think it's going to last, so we'll just enjoy it while we can.

Today my parents took the littleuns to see my sister down in Battle, East Sussex. So we've had a childfree day !

This morning was spent at a local boot fair. Unfortunately this little boot fair has changed quite a lot since I last visited and there were loads of traders there. I was quite surprised because it always used to advertise as "no traders" and the last time I was there it was what I would call a proper boot fair - individuals all selling their unwanted items from their cars and vans. Today, nearly half of the sellers were traders selling things like dodgy electrical goods, toiletries and light bulbs ! I was a tad disappointed, and wonder whether tomorrow might be any better. But I did manage to pick up a few bargains ...

Not the best picture in the world, sorry, but I managed to pick up two lovely white wire baskets for 50p each. I'll be using these to display some of my goodies in at craft fairs. A couple of woolly jumpers which will be felted in the washing machine and turned into something else ... when I've got time ! And 3 items of children's clothing with lovely little prints which will be used for my latest craft obsession ..... fabric covered buttons.

I've had a bit of an etsy frenzy lately and have become obsessed with fabric covered buttons, so I bought these lovely fabrics from mwendas on etsy.

Fantastic service, as they all arrived from Singapore in less than a week. Sadly the blank button supplies I bought from another etsy seller in the US to make up my buttons, seems to have disappeared into the depths of the US postal system, so the seller marymarsh has very kindly sent out a replacement. Thank you Mary - you are a star !! As soon as they arrive, I'll be good to go.

And talking of button supplies, I'll soon be stocking blank cover buttons in my webshop. I'll have 2 different sizes available and you'll be able to buy them in sets of 10. I'll let you know when they're in the shop.

I was going to post a picture of the fantastic Father's Day present that I bought from the children for their Daddy, from another etsy seller, but I've been alerted to the fact that Mr T has discovered and is now reading this blog - hello hubby xx

So, sadly, I can't post the picture or give you a link to the fantastic seller (the pressie arrived the following day after I placed the order !), until Father's Day has been and gone. Sorry !

Anyway - back to today - after the Boot Fair, Mr T and I went for lunch at a local country pub that we hadn't visited before. It was lovely to be able to enjoy our lunch outside !

After that I went down to the Lakeside shopping centre (not my favourite place in the world) in the search for a bed for our little madam. The last time I was in Ilva they had some gorgeous girly beds that I was keen to get for her. Today .... nothing !! I couldn't believe it. They only had 3 or 4 children's beds and they were all horrible. So I then trekked over to Ikea and had a wander round there (or rather a battle because it was packed) and picked up a few bits and pieces for home.

Then, on the way home I suddenly realised that an ebay auction for a button machine that I was bidding on was due to end in around 10 minutes and I was over half an hour away. So I missed out on that one - typical because it went for £41 and that was for a new machine which included over 600 button and badge pieces !! Grrrrrrrrrrr

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend (and half term !)

Sarah x

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ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Some fab goodies from the boot sale and from etsy. Love the egg cup fabric ;0).
We're quite lucky that most of the boot sales near us have very limited traders allowed in, just the copyright pirates with their rip-off DVDs seem to slip throuh the net.


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