Roses, Roving & Raisins


The title says it all !!

Roses - the first rose of the year has appeared in our garden.

I do love roses - I think they have to be one of my most favourite flowers. We have a lot in our garden - quite a few in the borders in the back garden and lots and lots along the fence at the front of the house, climbers and ramblers which when all open, look stunning and smell gorgeous. My favourite rose though is the wild rose that has grown through all the trees and bushes at the bottom of the garden, now when that flowers I'm a happy bunny !

Roving - YAY !! The 40 colours of wool roving are now on the website. Priced at £1.75 per 25g ball, you'll be spoilt for choice with all the stunning colours.

Raisins (you really don't want to see a photo of this !!) - my darling daughter decided to stick a raisin up her nose whilst in the back of the car on the way to Tumble Tots today. Arghhhhhh !! What will I do with that girl ?! First of all both she and I thought it was quite funny and I'm sitting here laughing to myself as I think about it. But as she realised that it wouldn't actually come out and was stuck, panic started to set in and it was no longer funny. I was travelling down a rather fast A-road at the time so had to pull over onto the grass verge and try and extract the offending article before madam started to lose the plot completely. I had visions of us visiting A&E yet again (we spent all of last Thursday morning in A&E as my little man decided to try and pull his sister up the slide, stretching her arms and causing ligament damage ! ) so spending yet another Thursday morning in A&E was not what I had been planning. I had visions of me having to go back home and get the tweezers out to try and remove the damn thing, but fortunately I managed to fiddle about with it a bit and eventually get it out. Raisins (as well as peas) are off the menu for the time being !

I'll be back next week after I've done my Moonwalk Marathon on Saturday night / Sunday morning.

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Wish me luck !!!

Sarah xx

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saraeden said...

Good luck with the walk Sarah x x x

Sara x


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