The Sick Bay !

Well, I am still ill. What started off as a cold, has now turned into full blown flu. Yesterday I couldn't stop shaking which meant that I couldn't thread a needle (picture it if you will !), which meant that I couldn't do any sewing. However, I should really have taken advantage of having the shakes and done some needle-felting because the stabbing motion would have taken no effort whatsoever !! Today I am feeling marginally better - at least the shaking has stopped, but I now feel as though I have been used as a punchbag.

So sadly, as I've been feeling rotton for the best part of a week now, not a lot of crafting has been done. Panic is starting to set in because I'm starting to fall behind on my orders and I have 2 more christmas fairs lined up - one next Friday and one the following Saturday, for which I need to produce a whole lot more goodies.

Fortunately though, my very good friend Sarah over at paper-and-string sent me my order of felt mushrooms and cupcakes today (which I have to say really made me smile when I opened the packet). All of these are destined to become fridge magnets and will be for sale at the christmas fairs. However, if anyone does want to buy one, do please let me know. They'll be selling for £2.50 each at the fairs and £3.00 each (including postage) if you would like to buy them online/through this blog.

Because of the fact that I'm panicking over not being able to produce enough stock for the fairs, I have been a teeny bit naughty and bought some items in - namely some "sew them yourself" christmas pudding and gingerbread men felt tree decoration kits

and some more peg doll kits (as I managed to sell out last week). I have also been trying to secure delivery of some fairtrade felt purses direct from Nepal, but I don't think they're going to arrive in time :o( Oh, while I think of it and before my brain goes dead again ... thank you to Sam at incywincytogs who very kindly tagged me for the "make me smile" award. I am now passing this on (in no particular order) to the following bloggers who make me smile !!

incywincytogs and paper-and-string also make me smile, but as incywincy tagged me and also paper-and-string, I guess I can't really nominate them again.

Now I shall let you go and hope that you don't catch any of my nasty germs from reading this blog.

Sarah x


the flour loft said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for stopping by my blog.. It sounds like i'm organised but i don't feel it. But poor you, sounds like you are really poorly.. really tough i know when you have lots to do. Things business wise look like they have been going well and i'm glad your fair was so succesful. People love buying kits don't they?
Hope you feel better real soon.

French Knots said...

It dreadful feeling ill when you've got lots to do, hope you are soon on the mend.
Hope your fairs go well!

London Mummy said...

Hi Sarah, hope you are feeling a little better now - I'm sure these flu bugs wait until we are at our busiest and then strike on purpose :) Very best of luck with your fairs - I'm sure they will be really good for you.

incywincy said...

Hope your feeling better soon Sarah


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