Fed Up !

Firstly - thank you to everyone who has sent me get well wishes - it's really kind of you and I do appreciate the fact that you are all still reading my blog even though it's very boring at the moment!! Unfortunately I'm still feeling terrible but managed to drag myself out to the Doctors yesterday. They confirmed what I already knew ... that I have a nasty flu bug, along with sinusitus (that would explain the fact that my head feels like it's going to blow up), and that I'm also suffering from stress !!! STRESS??? What's that then?? Consequently, I have had to cancel the Christmas fair I was due to be attending on Friday purely because of the fact that I haven't been able to produce enough stock as I just haven't felt well enough to do anything at all.

I was supposed to be visting the Country Living Christmas Fair up in London today but just don't feel well enough. Hopefully though I might feel a bit better by the weekend and so can go then - I desperately want to go because it's one of my favourite places and I'm planning on doing virtually all of my Christmas shopping there.

So sadly I don't have any photos to show you of my own stuff, but I do have this ....

1. ISBN9784529042659, 2. Broche Morango Rosa, 3. Broche Cereja Rosa, 4. Japanese Craft Book coasters, 5. coloriffic November - received, 6. For Mia's hot cups of tea and coffee, 7. felt coasters, 8. Embroidered Coasters, 9. Mushroom Colony, 10. Ginger Bread Cottage, 11. House scarves, 12. Olli's car, 13. Nature's footprint bird, 14. Love you, 15. More eggs, 16. buttons, 17. brooch2.jpg, 18. Girl and rainbow cushion, 19. buttons2, 20. Pink and Purple heap, 21. Holiday ornament - sent; group 10, 22. Felt Bead Necklace, 23. Felt Beads Wreaths, 24. Close-ups of my little hearts, 25. 3 Hearts, 26. Untitled, 27. Felty Frock, 28. Felty Frocks, 29. done!!, 30. Richa's bag detail, 31. teacups in blue - mini art quilt, 32. cute as a button . mini button flower blank flatnotes, 33. vintage dress, 34. cake 2, 35. cake 1, 36. Clips in Fireworks
It's a collage of a number of my favourite photos on flickr.com and you should be able to click on any of the links above that relate to each picture and then be taken to that particular person's page on flickr so you can read a bit more about them and their lovely goodies.

Fingers crossed I'll be back feeling better and with some pictures of my own crafted goodies at the weekend !!

Sarah x


Lucykate Crafts... said...

oh no, hope you feel better soon, try a hot, deep bath, with a hot toddy to drink (my grandma was scottish!) and lots of early nights.

i was just squinting at the assortment of flickr images through bloglines and came for a closer look as i've misplaced my glasses (again!). just spotted the pic of my felt brooches!, thank you for the link : )

saraeden said...

Sorry to hear your still feeling poorly , i hope you get better soon .

Take care of yourself !!

Sara x


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