It would appear that my little run of good fortune has come to a rather abrupt end. Today I'm afraid this will be a whinging post. This last week has been nothing but trouble and I'm getting stressed and slowing getting worn down by it all. This is what has happened in the past 7 days:
  1. The boiler on the swimming pool packed up

  2. The swimming pool pump packed up

  3. I managed to hit a parked car

  4. Our neighbour is hassling us to cut down a 250 year old juniper tree which he says is stopping sun from getting into his garden

  5. My computer at work packed up

  6. I wrecked the iron by getting bondaweb stuck all over it

  7. We had an absolutely torrential downpour the other evening (I've never seen anything like it) and had water coming in the back and front doors, as well as through the shower-room window (which wasn't even open at the time)

  8. Half my tooth fell out

I have been looking at the children today and thinking how wonderful it is to be their age and so carefree. Only having to worry about whether mummy is going to make them eat something they don't like for tea seems like a lovely thing to have to worry about. Oh how I wish I was little again.

Unfortunately, because of all this stress I haven't done much actual sewing or felting and the To Do list I shared with you last time hasn't had a single thing crossed off of it. Now I'm really starting to panic.

However, I have been trying to chill out a little and have spent some time looking at all the wonderful images on Flickr. So many things are inspiring me at the moment and I'm desperate to get going, but just don't know where to start - I suppose the To Do list would be a good place !!

Anyway, whilst surfing Flickr I came across this most wonderful book which I am desperately trying to track down a copy of. It seems to be a US edition though, so I might have to spend a few pennies (or more likely lots of £s) to get it shipped. It's a Robert Louis Stevenson book entitled "A child's garden of verses" and is illustrated with the most beautiful embroidery by Virginia Tiffany.

So sorry for whinging, but hopefully next time I'll be in a better mood and have lots of pictures of things I have finished to show you.

Sarah x


saraeden said...

sorry to hear your having a bad week ... i hope next week is a better one :0)

Sara x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a horrid week, these things always seem to come together don't they? I hope you have had a chance to relax over the weekend and here's hoping that next week will be a better one.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes weeks just go like that hopefully next week will be better, congrats on your magazine mention.

Ragged Roses said...

Good luck with that list - it seems that bad things always happen at the same time, doesn't it. Hope this week is better for you and you get a chance to relax with the children, fingers crossed for no more downpours! Congrats on the magazine too.
Kim x


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