A Day Off


Today has been a day off for me, Paul and Sam. We decided to treat our little man to a day in London before he officially becomes a big boy and starts school next week. Grace was in nursery all day so Sam could have a whole day of mummy & daddy's attention without little sis butting in all the time !

After having to deal with the stresses of late running and overcrowded trains, we finally arrived (late) for our trip on the Eye, so had to postpone that until this afternoon after our boat trip and lunch at TGI Friday in Covent Garden.

Amazingly, after we got back to the Eye at 2.30 the queues had virtually disappeared and we were able to walk straight on.

After that we had a go on the carousel and looked at all the real life statues, which amused Sam no end, particularly the headless man who kept waving and giving Sam the thumbs up - "how can he do that mummy when he can't even see me ?"

Then battle our way back to Liverpool Street on hot and busy underground trains to get the train home, only to find the previous train had been cancelled so there was 2-trains worth of people crammed onto one ! So Paul decided to upgrade us and we came home First Class. Oh how the other half live !!!

I must just tell you about my new obsession - FLICKR. For anyone that hasn't looked at it - you really must. It's SO addictive. I could (and actually do) spend hours looking at all the wonderful photos on there and joining up to all the Groups that interest me. It has certainly increased hits on my website and has even bought in a couple of sales too ! Go on - have a look. You know you want to !!!

Sarah x

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saraeden said...

Kitty and i say a big thank you !
i cannot stay away from flickr , its addictive ;0)
im spending far to much time there !!

Sara x


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