50 today !!!


Well, this is my 50th post and I can't quite believe that I've managed to rack up that many. I have to say that I'm finding blogging quite addictive !

I've met so many lovely people through blogging - people I would probably never have met in the "real" world. So thank-you to all of you lovely people who read my blog on a regular basis and to all those of you who take the time to leave lovely comments, who I chat with via email and send me lovely pressies and that I count as friends. THANK YOU !!

So, hands up who wants to try and win a freebie??

Well, as a celebration of my 50th post I've decided to give away a freebie. BUT, I'm afraid you'll have to work for it !! I have decided to try and drum up some new business via Google Adwords (seeing as I can't get anywhere near the first couple of pages). But what I need some help with is keywords.

For those of you who don't know about Adwords, basically it's a pay-per-click system whereby I specify a maximum cost per click that I'm prepared to pay Google everytime someone types in one of my keywords and then clicks on my website link.

So, what I need you lovely lot to do is provide me with a list of keywords that you might type in if you were looking for my website (not Picture it in Stitches obviously) but anything you might type in if you were looking for something specific to do with my site. I've got a basic list, but it would be great to hear other ideas and suggestions. After all - lots of heads are always better than one !

Anyone that leaves a list of keywords for me (doesn't matter how many) will be entered into the draw and I'll pick a winner on Sunday evening. The lucky winner will receive a needle-felting set which will consist of either a purse or pencil case (your choice), a choice of 3 colours of felting wools (again, your choice), a felting pad and needle. So, if you fancy giving needle-felting a go (and I think everyone should try it !!) .... for FREE ... then you know what you need to do !

Can't wait to hear from you all.

Sarah x


saraeden said...

congratulations on your 50th post , i would probably put "personalised childrens pictures " in if i was looking for your website !!

anyway heres to the next 50 hun ..

Sara x x

sarah said...

congrats on your 50th post. Im gonna say, felt, felting, flowers, kits. I know i have had yours come up when i have googled felt flowers.
Heres to another 50 !1

paper-and-string said...

you're never 50! I thought you were years younger! hahahaha (yeah, I know, I'm not funny...try 3 glasses of wine, it worked for me:I now think
i'm hilarious!) hows about: newborn gift, nursery art, baby presents, gift for baby girl/boy, super fantastic
genius felt craft ;-), baby's names, babies names (remember you may be able to google but you may not be able to spell!!)
hhhmmm long comment !! sorry xxxxx


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