Fame !


September's edition of Crafts Beautiful is now out in the shops and I managed to get myself a copy and frantically thumbed through it to find the little article about me.

Sadly it wasn't quite as good as I had hoped as they didn't use the quote that I was asked to provide (not too worried because it probably wasn't the best in the world) but I was disappointed that they didn't use either my beaded bracelets or my felted strawberry hairclips.
But, it did mention me by name, called me a "Designer" which cheered me up no end, and said that my felted goodies were "wickedly original" !! Now that I am happy about !!! Hopefully it will bring some nice new customers to the Blooming Felt part of my shop.

Yesterday afternoon was spent lazing in the sun watching the children (and hubby) splashing about in the pool. I decided that I should make a list of everything that I needed to get done for the Christmas events I'm booked for. This is my list :

  • 50 loopy corsages
  • 50 beaded bracelets
  • 60 sets of hairclips
  • 20 scarves
  • 1 "Name in a Frame"
  • 2 Funky daisy textile pictures
  • 2 hot air balloon textile pics
  • 2 boat textile pics
  • 2 car textile pics
  • 2 ballet shoes textile pics
  • 1 dinosaur textile pic
  • 1 butterfly textile pic
  • 3 embellished felt bucket bags
  • 5 embellished felt purses
  • 5 embellished felt pencil cases
  • 40 felted and beaded keyrings
  • 2o felted fridge mangets
  • 20 yoyo ponytail bands
  • 15 appliqued calico bags

The first event is in September. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH - I'd better get going !!!!

Sarah x


Clare said...

Congratulations! It must be thrilling to see your work in such a magazine, well done.
Clare :)

paper-and-string said...

hey miss famous designer :-)
that article looks fab! i'm going to pop to smiths and have a flick through so I can read all about it! Your list is kinda terrifying though, no more lazying by the pool for you!! hehehehe

pink-petal-designs said...

Well done you !!
Sarah x

saraeden said...

wow ... fame at last eh !! well done and congrats .
Sara x

Tracy said...

fabulous how exciting. I must say you are very organised already for christmas. I always leave it too late it just doesn't seem right to me thinking about Christmas when the sun is shining. Well done again.

Samantha said...

Well done - that's some achievement!

I am sure you will be able to work your way through the list.

Anonymous said...

Great news about the article Sarah, will get a copy tomorrow.
Lets hope it brings lots of sales your way. X


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