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Unfortunately I haven't got much to report Picture it in Stitches wise today, so I thought I would put a few links to various other sites that I visit on a regular basis.

Feeling Stitchy (click on the link above) - is the Embroidery Blog of one of Flickr's Groups that I'm a member of. They have some great members who have submitted some fantastic photos of their work (including me of course - haha !)

Sublime Stitching - is another fantastic site which sells great stitchery/embroidery patterns - the fact that their selling line says "This ain't your grandma's embroidery" will give you an idea of the type of thing they do (or don't do !!)

SYKO - this is a link to a lovely lady that I have come across on both Flickr and Etsy. She creates the most beautiful hand stitched applique items and has inspired me no end.

Little Quilts - one of my favourite Etsy shops

Kenshop - another Etsy shop which I just have to look at every so often because it makes me laugh !

Gifts Define - another of my favourite Etsy shops that makes the most gorgeous felt softies

Jan Constantine - this lady has the most amazing talent for creating embroidered pieces. I first met her at the Country Living Christmas Fair last year and spent a long time chatting to her about her gorgeous work and also gleaning any tips I could from her on setting myself up as a craft business. She's such a lovely lady and I'm looking forward to catching up with her again this year.

Willemien Stevens - This lady is my hero !! I attended one of Willemien's courses back in May this year and this lady has given me SO much inspiration it's untrue. I have ideas buzzing around in my head and little notepads full of sketches and ideas that I'm hoping to use in a new range of textile pictures that I will be producing. She also exhibits at the Country Living Christmas Fair and I shall be popping along to say hello and have a good old chat
My next post will be my 50th !! To celebrate I will be giving away a freebie, so please make sure you check back next time to find out all about it.
Sarah x

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sarah said...

thanks for those will be having a look later when i have more time. Lovely to hear from you again Sarah.
Hope your not as bad as i was last year when my little girl started i just couldn't stop crying.
Sarah x


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