WOW !!

This evening I went out to water the plants at the front of the house and was confronted by this sight

It was amazing, the balloon went up from the field almost opposite our house and then gently floated over the top of us
there were about 20 people in the basket and they all waved as they went over - how jealous was I ??!!

We have FINALLY got the hole in our roof sorted out ! We had a leak and the rain came through, landed on top of our boiler (which is very stupidly in the loft) and completely broke it, so we've had no hot water (only on the immersion) or heating for the past 3 weeks. The scaffolding is still up so I was very brave (and nosy) and ventured onto the roof last night to inspect our 250 year old tiles and to see what the view was like from up there ...
Remember me telling you about the local shop I was going to visit? Well, I went in this morning and took these with me (as well as some of my textile pictures)

The owner really liked my stuff and is keen to have it in her shop (sadly only on a sale or return basis), but she's confident that it will sell (as am I), so I need to get to work putting a whole range of stuff together for her.

I also produced these the other day and they're both available for sale on my website if anyone's interested - the bracelet can be made in different sizes (toddler, child or adult), or even as a necklace - just let me know.

When we were down in Cornwall the other week I picked up a leafelt about the Knitting & Stitching Show that is on later in the year. I've decided to treat myself to a day out in London and have signed myself up on a Felt Flower making course, a Creative Embellishment course, a Rag-Rug course and also a business skills for textile artists workshop. I love to go to to things like that and am really looking forward to it. If anyone has been to this particular show before I'd love to hear what you thought about it.

I've also been working on some felted christmas decorations which I'm just putting the finishing touches to - I should hopefully be able to post pics on my next post.

And now I must go and make some more loopy corsages.

See you soon xx


Unknown said...

WOW, what a sight! Looks like you have a little more blue sky with you, compared to what we have too!! I just adore those Keyrings, you should do really well with them all...Good Luck! Andrea x

paper-and-string said...

that balloon looks like fun!
I think it's fab that you are going to have your goodies for sale in a shop, everything looks lovely and I like your swing tags :-)

pink-petal-designs said...

Good luck, im sure they will be a sell out, i love the flower hair clips.
Sarah x

Unknown said...

Sorry, me again!! I have just been tagged by Sophie Honeysuckle, so can we here 8 random things about you please when you get a minute?!! Andrea x

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

How lovely to see that balloon. Stunning pics.

Victoria May Plum said...

Everything looks wonderful, you are clever.
I'm so glad that you had fun in Cornwall - the little ones looked fab in their all-in-ones (it has been rather wet down here lately!).
Also, I'm glad to see that you spoke to some people in the shops in st Ives.

I'm working on a list of south coast shops for you. People don't often realise how lovely it is down here, but we have some great little shops and gorgeous villages. Did you see Coast this month? There is a house in Charlestown featured in it, it's only a few miles away so we went to spy!
Victoria x

saraeden said...

all your things look great , im sooooo sure they will sell well !!

Sara x


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