I've been tagged !!

Yesterday I was tagged by Andrea at Country Elegance and so need to give you 8 random facts about myself. I apologise now for how boring I am !!

1. My favourite bands are Madness and The Style Council. I think my parents must have passed their "mod" genes on to me. I have "One Step Beyond" as the ringtone on my phone (sad I know) and we're off to Newmarket next Friday for a Corporate bash and guess who just happens to be on after the racing ?? MADNESS of course !! I'm SO excited.

2. I have been compared to Monica in Friends. I am slightly obsessed with having everything in exactly the right place and I KNOW when someone has moved something. This, of course, is a complete pain when you have children who are constantly making a mess.

3. Before I had children I used to be a Corporate Events organiser for a multinational company in the City of London and organised events at the Tower of London, the London Aquarium, and on the London Eye amongst others (Monica again !!). I had every intention of returning to work part-time after I had Sam because I absolutely adored my job, but sadly realised that it would be impossible to do on a part-time basis so decided to stay at home and look after my little family.

4. I hate swimming and yet live in a house with a swimming pool !

5. I hate unloading the dishwasher - what's the point ??!!

6. I had my tonsills out last September at the age of 37. I had never suffered with tonsillitis at all until I had Sam and then as my immune system was shot to pieces, I started to get it almost every other month. After 4 years of having tonsillitis on an almost constant basis, the Drs finally decided that I should have them removed. However, the pain afterwards was the worst pain I have ever experienced (I am a bit of a baby), and I actually said to Paul that I would rather give birth again without pain relief than have to experience the pain you experience after having your tonsills removed. Added to that I had a fat lip and a black eye (what did they do to me ??!!) You have been warned !!

7. I love reading, particularly autobiographies. When I was small my parents would get extremely annoyed with me because I always had my head in a book and flatly refused to play with my sister. Sadly I don't have as much time to read now as I would like and tend to just flick through magazines (Country Living is my fav). When we went on our honeymoon I layed on the beach and read 7 books over the 2 week period !!

8. I am an absolutely useless cook. When I was at school we had home economics (whatever happened to those lessons?) and had to make pastry. Because I was so useless this used to fill me with dread, especially as at the end of the lesson we all had to take our dishes to the teacher at the front of the class and they would have a tasting session and mark us out of 10. Anyway, after numerous lessons coming bottom of the class my Mum decided that I should take a packet of ready-made pastry with me and use this. I managed to get it out of the wrapper and rolled out without anyone seeing and made whatever it was we were supposed to be making - took my finished dish to the front of the class and got 10 out of 10 ! Everytime we had to make pastry after that I would take the packet stuff in and come top of the class !! Ha ha !!!

So there you have it - 8 boring facts about me. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I apologise for wasting your time ;o)

My next post will hopefully be slightly more interesting and contain some pics !!

Have a nice weekend ! xx


Andrea said...

Isn't it hard to write about your self?! You have a Swimming Pool and a Dishwasher? You spoilt girl you!!! Andrea x

the flour loft said...

home economics.. now i remember those lessons..
and tonsillitus.. you poor thing. Both my girls have no tonsils. My eldest suffered from tonsillitus so badly that she bled from them (v. scary). Also had a post op bleed. Best thing for her having them out. She lost that drawn look, put on weight and really blossommed. Its a horrible infection and really seems to poison the whole system. Glad you've got through it.
In reply to your comment.. we have regretfully had to cancel CL christmas due to another exciting committment( more on this on the blog soon) but are now doing spring.. ( should be fun as we've not done this for 4 years). We will still be doing our Christmas range and will keep you informed by the blog. Take care and happy weekend

Alison said...

I saw Madness years ago on the Stiff Tour. They were fantastic!
I have linked to you if that is ok!
Take care,


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