What a pain !


I've had a bit of a disaster !!

I was doing the sample "Name in a Frame" for Yum Yum Jelly nd decided to do one for Grace (so that it could be reused afterwards). Unfortunately it looked a bit bland, so I decided to embroider a couple of butterflies on the diagonal corners. So far, so good. I got out my water soluble pen and drew the butterflies on and embroidered over the top of them. Still fine. Then, I wet the cotton bud and dabbed it on the pen marks that were still visible and watched with horror as the ink bled into the fabric !!! Arghhhhhh. I can't believe it - I've used that pen loads of times on that particular fabric and I've never had a problem with it before. So why now ?? Why me ?? As if I haven't got enough to do !!! Looks like it's back to the drawing board on that one.

On the plus side, I've managed to do some black and white felt bead bracelets and these will be for sale in my shop soon, along with some black & white loopy corsages. I've also completed a felted pencil case, purse and bucket bag. I'd love to hear your comments on these as it's the first time I've done these and they'll be going to Yum Yum Jelly, but I'm also planning on putting some of these into my shop too.

I'm thinking of adding some beads to them as well, but am concerned about the extra time and cost. What would you lovely lot be prepared to pay for each of these if you were to come across them in a shop?

Also, if you fancy embellishing your own bags or purses, I've got everything you need in the Blooming Felt Supplies section of my shop. It's really easy to do and great fun.

This afternoon was Sam's graduation from nursery. He was so excited as Paul and I were going along to watch him wear his mortar board and receive his certificate. When we got there, there were loads of other parents all milling about and the nursery staff had put a huge board up with loads of pictures of all the children growing up through the nursery. Well, that was it .... I just stood there looking at all the pictures of my little baby with tears rolling down my cheeks. I'm such a wimp .. honestly !! What will I be like when he starts school in September? Me thinks the oversized sunglasses will be out for that one !!

And now I suppose I'd better get back to my replacement "Name in a Frame".

Until next week ...... x


sarah said...

I love your new bag , very nice. Shame about your name frame, i hate it when things like that happen. Sarah x

saraeden said...

i couldnt work out which Sarah it was so im going to send you both something :0)

all your things look great im sure they will all sell sooo well .

Sara x

Alison said...

These are lovely!
Congratulations to Sam:-)
Alison x

glitterangel said...

Gorgeous bag, I love it!

jessica daisy said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by my blog.
Guess what I live in Bocking, next to braintree, so not far from you, and I've been to yumyum jelly, how cool is that!!!
Love your cute felty things! I got the labels from etsy, a bit pricey though, $1 per label, but I just loved them! They are from: www.TheDancingNeedle.etsy.com
and she can do them in different fonts, different colours and sizes of the cotton tape, and your choice of embroidery colour. Let her know that you came through me if you contact her, she was lovely to work with.
Hope to keep in touch with a fellow essex girl, Jessx


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