At last ... I've finally finished the order for the shop in St Ives. This little lot will be on its way tomorrow

Unfortunately the ceramic buttons I was hoping to use for the heart brooches weren't going to be here for 3-4 weeks and I couldn't wait that long, so had to use plain, boring buttons. Never mind.

Now it's on to the Yum Yum Jelly stock and also new stock for my own website

I have found the most fantastic website. Last weekend I was reading an article in one of the Sunday papers about a website called Freecyle. This great site allows you to list or request any items you want to either dispose of or acquire. You don't have to pay to list on the site, or pay for the items you require, it's just a great way of recycling !! There are sites for virtually every town in the UK and many across the world also - you just sign up to whichever site you want to and then keep an eye out for any items you would like, list any you want to dispose of or put out a "wanted" request. I'm amazed how quickly the items get snapped up though - there was a giant roll of bubble-wrap listed on my local site and within 10 minutes of it being listed it had been taken !!

I've posted a request for any old wool jumpers etc - I'm really hoping that I get a good response because I want to turn to them all into felt and then into corsages to sell at the Charity Event I'm doing in November. Actually, could I put out a little request to all of you lovely people ?? If you have any old wool jumpers, cardigans, blankets, scarves etc (in any condition) that want to dispose of - I would be very willing to take them off your hands for recycling. All I would ask is that they contain at least 80% wool. Please email me sarah @ (remove the spaces though) if you can help.

Sarah x


paper-and-string said...

wow, you must feel so proud of yourself!! well done, they look fab!

sarah said...

Love the flowers, we are going to try and get to st Ives in the summer holidays, ive not been before. I f i come across any wool jumpers i will send them your way.
Sarah x

Tracy said...

freecycle is the best - we have re-homed 3 book shelves, a video, an ex display stand from the shop and 2 wardrobes!
we have taken in a HUGE amount of packing boxes, an apple mac!!!!!!
and a belfast sink.
all this for free - genius!
tracy x


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