Orders, Adverts & Networking

Remember me telling you about the advert I was placing in Crafts Beautiful magazine? Well, it's there ! Look ....top right hand corner !! Fame at last !

I have to admit it hasn't been particularly successful so far (just a couple of enquiries) ... but hey it's only been out a week, and I'm hopeful that people will be inspired by the needle-felting article on the previous page and want to have a go themselves so will be flocking to my site in their hoards to buy supplies and kits to have a go !

I sent off my little shipment to All the Fun of the Fair on Monday - am waiting to hear whether it arrived yet and what they think of the hair clips and corsages. I did take a picture of the whole order looking all nice in the tissue paper in the box, but I can't find it - sorry (but it did look nice !)

Today I've been chatting with www.mrandmrshouse.co.uk about the t-shirt sample I've created for him. Here's a sneaky peek (sshhhh - don't tell him I've shown you !)

I'm also working on some felt scarves for him too. If the t-shirts are popular, I will be creating a different range for sale through my own website and shall be expecting you all to buy one !!!

I've also been busy uploading lots of my products to the new Tuggle website, which should hopefully go live sometime next week. If you're not aware, Tuggle is a lovely site where you can buy all sort of goodies made by work at home mums like myself. I'll let you know when it goes live.

And now a bit of plugging for some blog friends of mine:

Sara from All about Eden is doing a craft fair up in Derbyshire this weekend and has very kindly offered to place some of my fliers on her table - so if you're up in her neck of the woods, do please pop along and see her - she is a very talented lady who creates the most gorgeous textile gifts.

And Samantha from Plump Pudding is being extremely brave and is holding an open house event this weekend. She's over in the Vale of Glamorgan and, like Sara, creates the most beautiful textile items. She is very nervous about the whole thing, but I'm sure it will be a great success. Check out her blog for more details and if you do live near her, pop in for some tea and home-made cake !!

Good Luck to both you of !!!

And, as I've been so busy recently, my weeny little work space has turned into the desk from hell with paperwork all over the place so I just HAD to treat myself to some lovely folders

- Laura Ashley I thank you !

Byeeeeeeeee xx


Samantha said...

I am impressed with your backing cards. They look fab.

Thanks for the plug!


saraeden said...

the advert looks great im going to take a copy with me to my sale to go with your flyers ... thanks again for the plug ... you are a superstar x x

Victoria May Plum said...

On no! More strawberry items that I will not be able to resist.
I love em!

(Pick my brains all you like, my email address is on my blog)
Victoria x

Ragged Roses said...

Thanks for the lovely comments. Good luck with the advert and your oders, everything looks great!
Kim x

Louise said...

How completely gorgeous are your hair clips - I love them!! Good luck with your ad, I'm sure you'll be a big success.


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