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Sorry I haven't posted before now, but I haven't had an awful lot to report lately.

Things have been plodding along here and I've been working on a new design for an internet retailer and putting together my contact list for Cornwall gift and interiors shops, so I sadly don't have any photos of my work to show you at the moment.

However, I have had a little ebay frenzy lately and as well as listing loads of Sam and Grace's old clothes, I have also been having a little bit of a spend-up. These arrived in the post this morning all the way from the US.

They are water-soluble pens which seem to cost an absolute fortune here, but buying them on ebay and having them shipped from the US is still cheaper ! Also, the rick rack - this will be used on the birdie t-shirts I am working on and I'm also hoping to do the same design on some bags, so it will definitely be used !! I'm also waiting for these beads to arrive.

These will be used on the latest project I'm working on (sorry, but I can't show you photos until the guy has decided whether he wants the items or not), and this fantastic Kaufman fabric which I use lots of, particularly on my "Name in a Frame" personalised pictures.

On the home front we have finally finished the children's playhouse. I have to say a massive thank you to my wonderful Mum & Dad who have slaved over this playhouse for hours on end. Can you believe this house is actually around 15 years old? We were very kindly offered it from a friend who had bought it 2nd-hand from one of her friends around 8 years ago. The previous owners to that had had it for a good 5-6 years before their children had outgrown it and decided to sell it. Apart from a couple of rotton planks and the roof needing to be re-felted, the house itself was in pretty good condition. Dad did all of the repairs and then Mum painted it all. After replacing the perspex in the windows and door and running up some lovely lime green and blue spotty curtains, the house is finally ready for its new occupants !! Sam & Grace ... welcome to Howe Green Cottage !!

I can't wait for the busy lizzies to start flowering in the little pots on the verandah - how homely it all looks !! The busy lizzies in my hanging baskets have loved the heavy downpours we've had over the last couple of days and are absolutely blooming !

Sadly, our roses didn't fare so well and we have piles of rose petals all over the place where they took such a hammering. I just hope they can hang on for a couple more days so that our guests at my Mum's 60th birthday BBQ on Sunday can see how beautiful they are (were !)




Clare said...

I adore the playhouse, so nicely painted up and inviting.

sarah said...

That house is luvely, so cute, bet they will always be in there, a couple of little chairs n table outside would look cute..

Crafty B said...

Fab new purchases!! I feel the lure of ebay everyday but have had to stop myself recently as need to do some crafting rather than just shopping :*) Love the bright colours of stripey fabric, sat here during a dark gloomy thunderstorm!


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