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Hi there !

Well, from having a jam packed blog post last time, I am afraid to say that this post isn't very interesting. I've been having a bit of a rest, because the last couple of weeks have been pretty manic.

I've listed a few of my items on ebay as it was half price listing weekend (not that I'm a cheapskate or anything .... oh, ok, maybe I am !) I'm not really expecting to sell anything, but was hoping that it might be a bit of cheap advertising and drive people to both my website and my blog in the hope that they might think of me in the future when they need a few "different" gifts.

Yesterday I attended a craft fair at Cressing Temple Barns which is about 10 miles or so from where I live. It was a 2-day affair and I wanted to check it out because they are running another 2-dayer at the end of September which I was considering taking a stand at. However, after seeing how few stands there were (not to mention people), considering it is such a big venue, I was a bit disappointed and have decided not to bother. BUT, they also run a 2-dayer Christmas Food and Craft fair in November (I attended this event as a buyer last year and it was absolutely packed - over 2,500 people), so I'm thinking of enquiring about costs etc and hope to take a stand at that event. I reckon if I start making my christmas stuff now, I should have enough by then !!

I've added another little section to my blog - over there on the right - it's a section where I list some of the books that I either own (or wish I owned) and that give me lots of inspiration. Having said that, I've just bought this beautiful Japanese craft book from ebay and I can't wait for it to arrive - what's the betting it turns up when we're down in Cornwall ??!

Talking of Cornwall, I'm not sure if I mentioned it previously but I am hoping to do a mailshot to a number of upmarket gift shops and galleries down there in the hope that I can get a few appointments to see people and get them to stock some of my items. But, I'm having a bit of a nightmare getting the names of suitable shops etc, so this is a plea for help. If you can recommend any places you think might be worth contacting, do please let me know. I am ideally looking at St Ives, Padstow, Mevagissy, Falmouth, Mousehole areas, but am more than happy to consider others. You can email me at sarah@pictureitinstitches(dot)co(dot)uk. I do have a couple of other lovely bloggers who know the area, doing a bit of research for me and I truly thank them.
And now, in true Cornish fashion, I'm off to have a pasty !!

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Victoria May Plum said...

Hi there,
It is such a shame that craft fairs seem to attract so few visitors. Never mind the Christmas one sounds great!
I am just getting around to making up a list of shops for you to try. I know what you mean, it is difficult to know which shops are right for your products. I should start to be a bit more proactive with my shop hunting, you've inspired me to get a move on!
Victoria x


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