I'm SEW HIP !!

YES I AM !!!

At the risk of boring you all, I just wanted to blow my own trumpet a bit and tell you about the editorial piece / interview with me "the brains behind Blooming Felt" (haha - how funny is that ??!! ) in the latest issue of Sew Hip magazine.

You may recall that back in October at the Knitting & Stitching Show at Ally Pally I was "discovered" by Sew Hip magazine. They were keen to do an interview with me at the Show, but as I was so busy, I sadly couldn't spare the time to speak to them. But, true to their word, they contacted me at the back end of last year and did the interview. The result ... a 3 page editororial in issue 13 of the magazine (3 pages !!!!)

I was just amazed when I managed to get my hands of a copy of the magazine today - thank you to all of the editorial team at Sew Hip, along with their photographer (shame he couldn't have come round and taken a decent photo of me instead of me having to take a rubbish picture of myself - maybe I should have asked them to replace my photo with some glamorous lady, or at least airbrush me !!)

I will be back with news of more NEW PRODUCTS soon.

Sarah x


Bagladee said...

Its a lovely photo and its nice to put a face to the blogger ;D

Congrats, I read it and its great...I loved your stand at the show. x

Anna M. said...

Hurray and congratulations!!!

ginny said...

Well done ... you so deserve it Sarah... you have worked so hard and your products and company are just great.
wishing you continued success this year, warmest wishes
ginny xx

Mollimoo said...

Wow! That's fabulous, clever you! Congratulations x


Well done you, I did a double take as I walked past the shelves at WHSmith!! So brought a copy!!

Have given you a blog award.

Sarah said...

I have given you a blog award www.noahsarkcrafts.blogspot.com

Julia said...

Blow your trumpet as loudly as you like!! That is news worth celebrating so shout it from the rooftops!!

Well done you!

Julia x

Emma said...

Great article - have already made a purchase from your store as a result of seeing it!! Love the necklace you are wearing in the photo - is that one you made? It is lovely!

Maria Dent said...

Congrats..... Im a little behind with reading my sew hips. Well done you.


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