Ribbon Crazy

First up I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took the time to leave lovely comments on my last post.

I was a bit concerned about "blowing my own trumpet" but you've all been really kind about it - so thank you all ! It's lovely to know that other people get as excited as me about the little things in life.

This weekend I have sadly been struck down with the dreaded lurgy. So whilst my head feels like its going to burst, my throat is so sore that I can barely swallow and if I do manage to get any food inside me, my stomach goes in to horrible spasams and cramps, I thought it was about time I updated my little old blog and introduced you to the new little additions to the Blooming Felt website.


I absolutely adore these new designs of embroidered ribbons and even though they are a little bit pricey they are SO worth it.

There's "Little Red Riding Hood", some cheeky pixies, some big fat birdies, some rather elegant bluebirds, some little robots, some cars, some pirates, some pink flowery ribbon, a little hedgehog family, some butterflies and some owls. There is also some gorgeous reversible spotty grosgrain ribbon. They're all loaded up and waiting for you to give them a nice new home. Each ribbon is priced per metre and you just need to type in the number of metres you require before adding it to your basket.

I've also finally managed to get the new colours of spotty and checked 1cm buttons onto the website. Available in lime green, zingy orange and teal, these buttons are available to buy individually, in sets of 20 and as part of the party packs which now contain 100 buttons !!

Now, I am off to a trade fair in London on Tuesday (presuming I'm feeling better) and I can't wait !! I've never been to this particular fair before so I am very excited about what I will find there, as well as very concerned that I will come away having to cut up my credit card !!

I also have some other very exciting news to tell you about, but think I will leave you in suspense until next time with that one !

Now, off you go and buy some of that there ribbon !!

Sarah x


noelle said...

oooh i love your new ribbons, i think i shall be having some of the spotty ones!!!

made with love said...

I am loving your new ribbons and the new colours in buttons are fab.
Rachael XX


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