An obsession with spots

No, not the kind that appear on your face at the most inappropriate times (and I do have a bit of a minger on my chin at the moment), but the kind that make you swoon. The kind that make you say "I MUST HAVE THAT" and the kind that you become obsessed over. So obsessed in fact that you start you looking at what you can sell to fund that obsession.

I am sad I know, but I bet there are a few of you out there who will also have the same obsession as me (even if you won't admit it !)

Today I saw this

I MUST have this AGA. Even though we are still frantically trying to save for our extension/ renovation and building work, I know that my mission is now to stop saving for the extension and start saving for the SPOTTY AGA (ok, so I won't actually have anywhere to put it until the building work is completed - but who cares ?!). I wonder how much money the children have in their money boxes and savings accounts. Wouldn't they love this AGA just as much as me ? Of course they would ! And would they begrudge their mummy her wish ? Hmmmm, maybe. Their mission is to save for a customised light sabre and a Minnie Mouse outfit. Me thinks I have some convincing to do !!

I'm off to drool over the spotty aga and work out what I can sell to fund the purchase of it. In the meantime, I shall start to put my pennies in here

And if you'd like to add to the "spotty aga fund", please visit my website and purchase some goodies !

Thank you xxx


Abigail Thomas said...

lol! i have similar moments never fear you are not alone in that! it is quite a splendid aga i must say. :)

Julia said...

There's something about spotty things isn't there! That aga has sent me into a spin of delirium and never before have I endured such raptures over a cooker(can we call them cookers?)...I think thats something else for the wishlist then...!

Love Julia x x x

Anonymous said...

LOVE the spotty Aga! Oh I'm in trouble :o

hazy_baby said...

i hope my order helps towards your AGA fund x

Emma said...

Wow I love your blog!
It is so wonderfully happy and colourful & that Aga is seriously fab..Emma x

embellished said...

I'm stopping by to say I have awarded your blog a Sunshine Award!

I love all things felt and your posts are no exception! Also my mum was telling me recently she likes your site, too!

Country Cottage Chic said...

if i didn't already have an aga i'd be after that one!

jayne (wondering if i could paint spots on mine.....)


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