Positive / Negative


The field at the bottom of our garden going up for sale and the very real threat of travellers buying it and setting up camp there.


We go to auction and manage to buy the field ourself with 2 of our neighbours. We are now the proud joint owners of a 5 acre field. I feel the need to buy some sheep and chickens to keep on our part of the field !


My little man has been told he is short sighted and needs to wear glasses


He gets a really funky pair of glasses and looks very intelligent !!


Danyl has just been booted off the X-Factor


Olly is through to the final - YAY !! Come on Essex !!!


TNT have managed to lose my entire shipment of restock felt items !!! The Blooming Felt website is now running at less than 50% stock levels on the felt side. The 4mm thick felt sheets, felt string, plain felt balls and wool roving that are all currently showing as out of stock are likely to remain out of stock until the New Year. I'm so sorry.


The 2cm spotty and spiral felt balls are almost fully restocked, as are the 1.5mm thick felt sheets.


Sales on the website are way down due to TNT's total incompetence - thanks TNT !!!


I've managed to write all of my Christmas Cards and get all of my Christmas Shopping done !


My little man breaks up for the school hols on Thursday - arghhh !


The lie-ins start on Friday !!

There are a couple more positives that I want to mention just so that I can convince myself it's not all doom and gloom on the Blooming Felt front :

  1. I've got lots of lovely new buttons and ribbons sitting in a box all waiting to be loaded onto the website.

  2. I did an interview with Sew Hip magazine last week - how exciting is that ?!! It will be in the January issue which I believe will be in shops on the 31st December. What a great start to the New Year that will be (as long as I can get more felt stock of course !!)

And finally, I bought these 2 lovely items of clothing from etsy last night in an attempt to cheer myself up.

Can't wait 'til they arrive !!

Sarah xx


ginny said...

i think the positive wins... looking forward to reading about you in Sew Hip.. and i agree... roll on the lie - ins!
ginny x

Anonymous said...

hooray for co-owning a field!
i love the clothing from etsy too. which shop is it?

Tip Top said...

Yeah to the field!!!


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