Christmas is a coming

Oh yes it is !! Sorry - I didn't mean that to sound like Panto, but I guess it is the season :o)

We've had Grace's Nativity (she had the starring role of Mary !)

and Sam finished the school term with his carol concert at the local church - lovely !

My little man has now broken up from school and we have a very loooooooong school holiday ahead of us. So to start off the holidays we (we, being me and 2 of my very good school mum friends) took the children up to London on Friday to the Christmas Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. I hadn't heard many reports about this particular event so wasn't too sure what to expect, but I have to say it was really good !

It was free to get in but you had to buy tokens to get on to all of the rides (no cash allowed). Each ride for the children worked out at £2 each, but it was well worth the money because they got a really long go on everything and there were lots of different rides for them all to go on. We didn't actually leave the children's part of the park (Santa Land) so missed out on the rest of the huge event - apparently it covers 32 acres !!

Fortunately for us, it wasn't very busy there at all so we didn't have to queue for a single ride and even got straight on to the great big ferris wheel - well, sort of ferris wheel - it was like a smaller version of the London Eye and the view was just as good, especially with all of the beautiful twinkly Christmas lights.

Of course, it was all very exciting for the children as they got to eat M&S sarnies on the train on the way up, have a good ride on the tube, have a wonderful time at the wonderland and then got a McDonalds for their tea !! And to finish it all off, we had to get the bus back to the Park & Ride carpark and we didn't get home until 8.30pm !

What a great day out !!

Sarah x

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