Let it snow

let it snow, let it snow ...... a LOT !!

Last Thursday evening we got 6 inches of snow. They'd been predicting it all week, but I have to say that I didn't really believe them. Although after the 8 inches of snow we got back in February I should have been a bit more trusting of the lovely weather people at the BBC.

Today is the first day that the temperature has risen above freezing since it snowed and it looks as though it's finally starting to thaw. Having said that, I've just looked out of the window and seen its snowing again, so maybe not !!

It's all very Christmassy though, looking out of the window whilst we put our Christmas decorations up on Saturday we could have almost been in an Alpine country !

So, the Blooming Felt website is now CLOSED for the holidays (although you will still be able to place orders - they just won't be despatched until 4th January). All of the last minute orders have been despatched (albeit a little late due to the snow hampering my efforts to get to the Post Office). The Christmas tree and decorations are all up and the Christmas presents are NOT wrapped (nowhere near it !).

Instead of wrapping presents (I'm hoping that Father Christmas might take pity on me and do it for me !!) I've been shopping on Etsy again. I just can't help myself with that website lately - everytime I go on there, I find something else that I just MUST have. And what I love most at this time of the year is that everyone seems to be offering free shipping, which is fantastic especially as all of the stuff I've been buying is coming from the USA. I've bought hair bobbles for Grace (not a Christmas present as it's far too late for that), a set of alphabet stamps for Sam and MORE clothes for me !! I know, I know, it's Christmas and I should wait and see what I get, but I'm pretty sure Father Christmas won't be bringing any of the things I bought, so I might as well buy them myself.

Lots of lovely new stock for the website is starting to arrive. I'll be putting a new section on the website over the holidays entitled "Just Arrived" and all of the new products will be popped in there so that you can easily see what lovely new goodies there are.

I will also be starting my "Sale" in the New Year as well - this section will contain all of the ready-made products that didn't sell before Christmas, as well as end of line products. I usually list all of my sale items at between 40% and 70% off their original price, so you really are getting some good bargains. But, as with all sales, stock is limited and once it's gone ... it's gone, so you'll need to be quick if there''s anything in particular that you've got your eye on !

Right, as it doesn't look as though Santa is going to send his elves to help with the wrapping, I suppose I'd better do it myself.

This will be my last post before Christmas, so I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you if you've visited the Blooming Felt website this past year and if you haven't, well then I'll look forward to seeing you there next year !!

Have a lovely Christmas everyone !!

Sarah xx

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twiggypeasticks said...

Isn't the snow fab? very lovely photos. Happy Christmas to you too Sarah !
twiggy x


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