Little Treats

Hello !!
First up I wanted to tell you what I've been up to this weekend.

Yesterday afternoon we dropped the little monkees off at my Mum & Dad's house as Hubby and I had been invited to a wedding reception in Suffolk. We stayed here in Framlingham. Could have been better I must admit - £130 for the night for a very standard room with a non-flushing toilet and milk to put on your cereal in the morning that was off ! £8 for a glass of wine and a pint of beer, specials that aren't served until 6pm (even though they say they're available all day), £6 for a beef and horseradish sandwich and £6 for a jacket potato with cheese !!! I can't say I would particularly recommend staying here.

This morning we went here and bought 2 lovely old chimney pots to put either side of our front door and plant up with beautiful flowers. I think our weekends will soon be spent trawling around reclaimation yards because with all the building work that will be taking place on our lovely old house next year, we need to start sourcing original bits and bobs - like 250 year old handmade clay peg tiles. Hmmmm - we could have our work cut out there me thinks !

Then, we met some friends and had a very enjoyable lunch here. Fortunately, this place is a whole lot better than where we stayed and the food was absolutely delicious - highly recommended.

I do love my children, but it's also lovely to spend adult time with just hubby and I've had a lovely weekend, despite the disappointment of the hotel.

And now I can finally announce the new section of my website that I've been keeping under wraps for so long - I have been working like a trojan getting it all photographed and uploaded onto the site and it is finally here - YAY !!

Introducing the new "LITTLE TREATS" section of my website. Do go and check it out and let me know what you think - I have had great fun sourcing all of these goodies and the excitement when Mr Postman started delivering it all was fantastic - just like Christmas time when you're a kid !!

Here's a little taster of what's on offer (click on the pictures to go to that particular section of the website):

Felt Accessories

Silk Button Badges & Handbag Mirrors

Party Badges
Ice Lolly Badges / Brooches

Felt and Fabric Applique Badges

And now with all this excitement I'm absolutely knackered !! I had a delivery on Friday and will very soon be restocked on the spiral wool pompoms, if you were waiting for these to come in (just give me a couple of days to update the website ... again). I'm also awaiting another very large delivery of the wet felted hearts (in loads of new colours) and another new product line which I will tell you about when it arrives.

See you soon !

Byeeeee x


Bed Linens said...

I love it. The Ice Lolly Badges are adorable.

arizonia said...

WOW! So pro...i tried some, but my ice lollies looked like blobs compared to yours...><


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