I am an Addict

Yes, I'm afraid it's true - I am an Addict.

I am addicted.

I cannot help myself.

I try, I really do try, but I just can't help myself.

I have a pusher.

He sends me supplies and in with those supplies he puts samples. Samples of new stuff for me to become addicted to.

My problem now is that whilst I am an addict, I am starting to become a pusher myself ! You too will become addicted just as I am. But for that I make no apologies because I know that just like me, you can't help yourself either. And you will want and need my latest offering ......

YAY - these are soooooooooo cool. I just love love love them ! What are felt pebbles? They're felt balls that have been squished down into a pebble shape. Simple ! Available in 20 different colours.

Added to that - 20 colours of sculpted hearts - woo hoo !

Join me and admit your FELT ADDICTION - you know you want to !!!!!!!!

Sarah x
Oh, and by the way if you're suffering withdrawal symptons - the 4mm felt sheets are now available in black and orange - yee haa

1 comment:

Ceri Rua Designs said...

I love those little haearts, I'm having so much fun playing with the bookmarks and felt shapes I bought from you last week. Colours are fab so so tactile. Loving it


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