Creating !

FINALLY - with it being the school holidays and not being tied to the same everyday routine, I have been able to spend some quality time with the children making .........
Button Bouquets !

What's the point of having thousands (literally) of buttons and never being able to play with them? I must admit that one of my favourite Blooming Felt things to do is count out buttons, but being able to play with them and make things out of them is extra special to me .

This is a first attempt at the button stems and lots of the button combinations were put together by Sam & Grace (probably not what I would have chosen - but hey - they're pretty good !). These particular stems will form part of my stand display at the Knitting & Stitching Show at Ally Pally in October and I think I need to make lots more to ensure that they have the desired impact. Oh well, only another 6 weeks of school holidays left so plenty of time to make more button bouquets me thinks.

Mr Postman has been very busy delivering lots of lovely new stock to me - under wraps for the moment until I manage to get it all loaded onto the website - but I really hope you won't be disappointed. I certainly wasn't when I opened up all the boxes - can't wait to show you all and hear what you think ! Fingers crossed I'll be able to unveil it all on my next blog post.

Oooooh - something else I must just tell you - my little man lost his first tooth yesterday ! So now, my beautiful boy is a bit gappy, although his big teeth appear to be coming up behind his baby teeth before the baby teeth have fallen out ! Maybe he's really a shark !! Don't they have 2 rows of teeth ??!!



Dragon Crafts said...

Hope you intend to sell the lovely button flowers at Ally Pally. They are wonderful!! :o)

Jo Skinner said...

how much did the tooth fairy leave for Sam's tooth? bless him! Love the button flowers by the way ;o) Maybe you should start creative workshops for kids - -you know - -in all that spare time you have! tee hee. keep up the good work sis!


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