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On Monday night I attended my 2nd WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise) meeting. I was very fortunate in that they had asked me to showcase some of my goodies.
The first half of the meeting was devoted to mini talks by 4 of the members about their businesses - all of which were very different and interesting.

We then moved onto the product showcases, which was my part of the evening. I had taken as many items as I could, including the needle felting kits, peg doll kits, felt pencil cases, purses, garlands, bags, balls, keyrings etc and explained a little bit about how I have sourced my products and my website etc. Unfortunately I didn't take any price lists or price my items up because I wasn't expecting to sell anything !! DURRRRR. But I did sell a few bits and bobs and everyone was so kind and said they thought my items were lovely. I gave out loads of my little business cards and everyone said they would take a look at my website too. I've also been asked if I would like to go back in October / November for a Christmas shopping evening, so I am very pleased with how it all went.

2 other ladies also showcased their products - one was a lady with silver jewellery that she imports from India and the other a lady who makes the most delicious Caribbean food. She very kindly bought in lots of tasters for us and had very little left at the end of the evening !

I also met a new member of the Group who designs and imports the most beautiful peruvian knitwear, all made from lovely soft alpaca wool.

This is the link to her website and I'm hoping to be in contact with her again very soon, as I feel we have a very similar customer base and could potentially help each other out quite a lot.

And do you remember way back towards the end of last year when I posted some pics of my winter hanging baskets and told you about the half barrels I had planted up with spring bulbs etc? Well, some of the bulbs in the half barrels have decided to open and this is the result - very pretty me thinks ! They certainly brighten up the front of the house.

Oh, and before I forget, I just wanted to let you know that I will be taking part in the Playtex Moonwalk on the 17th May this year. It's a walking marathon, overnight, around the streets of London. I will be walking with a team of friends in aid of Breast Cancer. If you could spare a few pennies to sponsor us, we would be really grateful. The details and link to my sponsorship page are over there on the right. Anything you can spare will be very gratefully received. Thank you.

Oh, Oh, Oh - I've just realised that the Queen of Felt has mentioned me on her Blog. Thank you Betz White - I'm honoured !!!!

Sarah x

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Andrea said...

Hi, I just wanted to say I love your shop and have just bought some felt balls. I've been reading Betz White's blog for months and months and just realised she buys her felt balls. So a quick search for uk ball stockists and I found you. I'm a very happy bunny and once I get them I'm hoping to incorporate them into the cards that I make.


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