Business Plans

Yawn !!

I've been to see a business adviser at the Essex Enterprise Agency today. He has told me I need a Business Plan. And there was me thinking that I was playing at running a business and quite happily going along taking orders not worrying about income and expenditure etc. And now, everything seems to have got a bit serious and I've got to do Business Plans, register as self-employed with the Inland Revenue, keep proper accounts etc.

Now don't get me wrong, I know that all of these things come hand in hand with running a business, but I really am not the sort of person who is capable of doing all of these things. I'm so bad that I'm not allowed to have any sort of control over our household expenses (thank goodness for hubby's financial background) so how on earth am I going to manage with running a business? Oh, I don't know - I think I'll just go and have a read up on all of the other blogs and check out Flickr instead!

Sarah x

PS. Hope you all have a lovely Easter - we've got an Easter Egg Hunt here on Saturday for the children's friends - now that's something I am capable of organising. And I have to say thank you to Barbara in Florida for sending Mum to Target's to get all of the little goody bags !!

PPS. The hand-dyed silk strings are now on the website - check them out, they're gorgeous !!


saraeden said...

If you need any advice just give me a shout !!! I have sent you an email about the apron thing as well !!

Happy Easter to you all

Sara x

Shirl said...

Happy Easter! ....:0)

Sam Gillespie said...

hehe - horrible isn't it :(
Just make sure you keep on top of it all and you'll be fine.



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