Happy Easter !!

Hope you're all having a great Easter despite the horrid weather !

This is what I saw when I looked out of the window this morning ...

Unfortunately though there is no sun and it's that wet sort of snow that doesn't really stick to anything, so is useless for making snowmen, much to the children's disgust !

Yesterday should have been our Easter Egg hunt but once again, rain stopped play (for a while). After last year's debacle of the squirrels and magpies running off with the lovely sparkly wrapped chocolate eggs, I decided to tie ribbons to the trees, fences and anything else I could find. When we realised the sun was shining we quickly dragged out the wellies and went out into the garden on a ribbon hunt rather than an Easter Egg hunt. Despite it being freezing cold, everyone had a great time and were rewarded with felt goodie bags (sorry, I forgot to take a photo before I dished them out !!)

This is our Easter Tree. It's sitting in our dining room and received lots of lovely comments from our friends yesterday. It also doubles up as a display stand for my craft fairs (minus the eggs of course) and will get another outing in a couple of weeks time when I do the Spring Fair in Chelmsford.

While I think of it, I've had a new shipment of goodies from Nepal. This time, hair bobbles (blue or pink) and a new design of felt balls (all of which have been hand embroidered). All of these are on the website. I've also got some lovely felt necklaces (which I haven't had time to load on yet). I'll let you know when they're on.

The next 4 weeks will be rather manic because school has now broken up and my little man doesn't go back until 16th April (groan). Fortunately my little lady is still in nursery for 2 days a week, but I shall be going like the clappers trying to get things ready for the Spring Fair on the 6th April. Last night was spent sewing Blooming Felt labels onto all of the bags, purses and pencil cases.

And I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of spring flowers in our garden (taken before the snow came !)

See you soon !!

Sarah x

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urbanfairy said...

hi sarah, i was having a nose of peoples blogs from the craft forum and came across yours! like it!! like your stuff too! i've not seen much felt stuff before and have no idea how its done, but like what i see! (by the way, what a garden!!!)

i've never heard of WiRE, is it only local to you, or are there others dotted around?

keep up the good blog!


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