Yo Yos !!!

Today my Dad very kindly gave me the afternoon off work so that I could get some more sewing done for the craft fair - and this is what I made !! YO YO's. I really loved making these and have bought some buttons that you cover yourself so that I can have lovely colour co-ordinated centres on them. I've sewn brooch pins to the back, but I think the larger one will look good on a bag or maybe a belt.

Whilst I was sewing, the printer was churning away and printing my fliers for the craft fair. I need to do the packaging now !

I also got my little sewing machine back. Sadly the repair cost more than I paid for the actual machine but hopefully it will serve me well for the next year or so and once I've mastered it and am producing amazing stuff (yeah, right !) I will be able to upgrade to a different model.

Remember I mentioned rag rugs last time? Well, this is the pile of Grace's clothes that she has outgrown - I'm going to recycle them and turn them into a keepsake rag rug for her room. I can't bear to get rid of her lovely little clothes and was going to use them in my textile pictures, but then after reading ragged roses blog about how she made a rag rug from her daughter's old clothes, I decided that would be the perfect solution ! Goodness knows when I'll get round to doing it, but it will get done ... eventually.

The rain doesn't appear to be stopping, but the garden is blooming and so is this mock orange in our garden. It has the most beautiful fragrance and is perfectly sited just outside our dining room french doors - sadly, the rain is stopping us from opening the doors and having the lovely smell wafting inside, but I do keep popping outside every so often and having a sniff !

One last thing - I'm rapidly running of time for the craft fair and all of my time is spent producing stock. I need to produce some sort of banner that says Blooming Felt (I have a textile picture that says Picture it in Stitches), but nothing advertising the Blooming Felt part of me. So, I would REALLY appreciate any suggestions as to what I could do that is quick, easy and cheap and won't take too much time away from producing my much needed stock. ALL suggestions welcome .... pleeeeeeeeeeeeese !!!

Right - am off to sew more yoyos and watch The Apprentice !


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Andrea said...

Yo Yos!! I love them and to buy as Brooch Pins would be a fantastic idea!! Keep up the good work!! Andrea x


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