What a bargain !

Yesterday I was in town for a hair appointment and decided to pay Laura Ashley a visit as I hadn't been in there for ages. I was looking at their remnant table and found the most fantastic bargain - 2 metres of their seaside stripe fabric for 50p !!! YES, 50p !! I couldn't believe it - it turns out the fabric was ex-display rather than end of roll and so it was classed as "used" fabric as it had a few small holes in it where it had been stapled to the display. But I don't care - I can quite easily lose the holey bits of fabric at that price !! I'm planning on using it for the fabric gift bags I'm going to make.

I also decided to visit a few of the charity shops on the look-out for wool jumpers. I managed to find 2 - one which was 100% alpaca wool, the most gorgeous rasperry red in colour and had been made in Nepal and the other was 100% cream mohair. I shall be sticking both of these finds in the washing machine on a hot wash and turning them into felt, which will then be made into some loopy brooches. What a good Saturday I had !!

Today the weather is absolute pants, so we're stuck indoors. Paul and Sam are playing the Spiderman game on the PS2 and Grace is slamming doors !! Goodness knows what else is going on down there - I shall have to investigate once I've finished this post.

Of course, the rain is great for the garden (but not for me because it means the grass is throwing itself out of the ground and I'm having to cut it once a week at the moment). Below are a few pics of the lovely flowers that are appearing in our garden. As I think I've said before, we haven't been in this house for a full year yet, so it's lovely to see what flowers are coming up.

I've also found some really great crafty blogs which I shall be adding to my favourites list shortly, and have been inspired after finding some rag-rugs and raggy brooches - both of which I am hoping to try out once the craft fair is out of the way.

The only problem with finding all of these lovely new crafts is the fact that I am rapidly running out of time to get things ready for the craft fair - if I had enough time I would try and recreate some of the lovely ideas I've seen, add my own little twist to them, and see if they are popular at the fair. But for the time being I have enough on my plate and will see what sells and what doesn't before I go producing new bits and bobs !!

Thank you to Tracy of Cupcakes at Home who left a comment on my last post about covered buttons - we obviously both love fabric buttons and I have decided to make some up and use them on some yoyo brooches that I'm going to make - so thank you Tracy !

Until next time xxx


the flour loft said...

What great finds Sarah.
As you know i love recycling too... look forward to seeing what you create with the jumpers.
ginny x

Victoria May Plum said...

Hi Sarah,
Just found your blog, I shall add you to my list.
I love to find new crafty blogs
Love Victoria x


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