And the winner is ...

Cooper's Nanny !! Although she didn't leave a comment on my blog (I don't think she could work out how to do it !!), she did leave one on my website, so I included her in the draw anyway !! So, CONGRATULATIONS !! Can you email me your address and I'll get a keyring out to you asap.

ASAP means "when my new felting needles arrive" !! Last night I managed to snap my fine felting needle in 2 :0( and didn't have a spare ... so my needle felting has had to go on hold for a few days. But I will get the keyring out to you asap Cooper's Nanny !

Actually, after having such a good week last week, it rapidly went downhill. First, I picked up my new sewing machine - I was SO excited !! The lady showed me how it all worked, but we couldn't work out how to wind the thread onto the bobbin, so I thought, not too bad, I'm sure the instruction manual will tell me. WRONG !! Mum looked at the machine as well because she also has a Singer machine, and it would appear that the the bobbin winder bit is broken :0( So now I have to drag the machine into town, leave it at the shop for goodness knows how long and lose all my enthusiasm. But it's a cute little machine anyway (and it's pink .. my fav colour !!)

Then last night I broke my felting needle and then at lunchtime today, I noticed that the wall under the window where the french doors are was soaking wet and the wallpaper was peeling off !!!! I can't believe it - we looked outside to see where the rain was coming in, but there was nothing immediately obvious. We can only think that there is a gap somewhere around the window frame and the rain came in through there. What a pain !! We were going to get the windows replaced soon - but only the front as we can't afford to get the whole lot done in one go, but maybe we'll have to get the back ones done instead now. I knew we should have bought a brand new house ... a 250 year old house is going to get problems, let's just hope it is the window and nothing more serious.
At least with my felting needle broken I managed to get the fliers / leaflets for the craft fair done. I'm really pleased with them actually and will have a stack on them on the table and also put one in every bag (presuming I do actually sell some stuff !)

I managed to get the crocheted beads onto the bottom of the baby mobile today and also bound the embroidery hoop (which the flowers will hang from) in some lovely ribbon I bought whilst on holiday. So all I need to do now is attach the actual hangy flower bits to the hoop and it'll be all done (thank goodness !) I'll post a picture soon.

Tonight I shall be making felt corsages from the recycled felted jumpers I got when I was on holiday - again, I'll post some pics soon.

I'm also thinking of doing some fabric covered buttons (I've seen some really great retro fabrics that would look great on buttons), but I don't know whether these would sell - I'd really appreciate your comments on this particular point.

That's it for now ... it's the children's bathtime, so I'm off !!

Don't forget - I need your thoughts on fabric covered buttons !!


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Tracy x said...

I love fabric covered buttons and i made quite a number that went up to the Country Living Fair this Spring - not one pack sold!!!!
I may have over priced them or else folk are just not as keen on them as me!
Saying that i am a strong believer in making what makes you happy - so go make buttons x
Tracy x


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