Postage increases - BOO, HISS !!

Yes folks - it has happened.  Royal  Mail have, as promised, increased their postage costs which does of course, unfortunately mean that online retailers such as me have to also increase our postage costs because if you don't, you lose money (not that I make any money on postage at all), but if you do ... you risk losing customers.

So, after a lot of umming and ahhing I had to take the decision to increase our postage costs in line with Royal Mail's increases.

There is good news though !  We now have a 2-tier band of postage costs.  If your order value is up to £9.99, then you'll still get our low FIRST CLASS postage rate of £2.25.  If your order value comes in between £10 and £49.99, then you'll pay a flat rate of £3.50 for First Class delivery.  And if your order value is £50 and over, you'll get FREE delivery !  And of course, EVERYONE is eligible to get Loyalty Points on all orders placed with us (you just need to make sure you've set up a little account thingy with us).

So maybe it's not so bad after all ?

Right - that's the boring stuff out of the way !  Today at Shedquarters (on top of despatching all of your lovely goodies), we've been thinking about that word that begins with C.

I know, I know, I can hear you shouting now.  But really ... in the crafty world of buttons, ribbons and all things felty, you really do have to start thinking about these things now !!  The other reason we've been thinking about this particular event is because once again, we'll be exhibiting at the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace in London in October and all of those lovely customers LOVE to see our  ideas and stuff to make for Christmas !!  (more about Ally Pally in another blog post though)

We think we've pretty much got our ideas sorted out - now we just need to make up some samples and check they're going to actually work, before placing orders with our suppliers for all of the components needed to put into the kits !

Oooh - one other thing I wanted to tell you about .....  Alongside our Facebook and Twitter pages, we have also signed up to "Pinterest".

 If you're unaware of this particular website, it's a sort of giant pinboard where you can "pin" photos of all of your favourite stuff !  It's really good !!  Why not pop along to our page and see what's inspiring us right now ? . You can also "pin" any of our products to your own boards direct from our website - just click on the "pin it" button beneath the product descriptions !  This is a great little tool if you want to share your own likes, inspirations, remind yourself of where you've seen stuff.  Go and try out it ... but be warned, it's a bit addictive !!

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The String Empire said...

Argh! Curse you Royal Mail.


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