A little bit of this and that ... part 2 !

Following up on last weekend's post about some of the stuff that I got up (that wasn't work related), I thought you might like to see what I've been up to this week !

My children's school will be having a Jubilee Street Party (in the playground) this Friday and all of the children need to dress up as either Kings or Queens or in red, white & blue (as you do !)  The smaller children have been asked to make a crown to wear on the day, and there will be prizes for the best crowns.  Here's our entry ...

How handy that I happen to run a craft supplies business !

I'm thinking that maybe it looks more like a Pope type of hat - but hey, it's the taking part that counts !!

Now - I'm afraid that I can't let this blog post be published with at least some news of what's new on the website !

This week we took delivery of a FAB new range of buttons !  We've got ...

JUMBO buttons - measuring a whopping 83mm 

Cute Scottie Dog buttons

Fun Flower buttons

Beautiful Bow buttons !

Also, we've managed to restock the bucket bags that we trialled a little while ago.  Now available in 8 different colours (the same as our purses), they're perfect for embellishing with needle-felted designs, buttons, ribbons, felt flowers and loads of other stuff.

Keep enjoying the sunshine peeps !

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