No rest for the wicked !

Goodness me - how busy have I been this last week ?

Since I last posted, you seem to have gone crazy for our new products and orders have been coming in thick and fast.

The new colours of wool roving are going down a storm. Actually, felting as a whole seems to have become extremely popular over the last few months. So much so, that we will be introducing a number of exciting new products very soon !

As well as the usual website stuff, we have been busy looking into a number of other exciting projects. Our stand at the Knitting & Stitching Show has been booked - even BIGGER than before and we have also been looking at another project in particular which may or may not come off. It's still in the "mulling it over" stage at the moment but if anything comes of it, I'll of course share it with you all.

Now, for those of you in lurrrrrve, you will know that it is Valentine's Day next week. To celebrate this wonderful occasion, our February Tutorial is a fantastic Heart Wreath (or it could also be used as a candle holder !) Click here to get your free PDF download !

We've almost managed to reach 200 followers on the blog - don't forget, as soon as we do, the new monthly giveaway will be launched !!! Get Following !!!!

Sarah xx

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