A little bit of everything !

Yes, this post does exactly as it says on the tin.

Bear with me because I'll be telling you a bit about everything today !

Right, first up ... it's half term. And as all you other working Mums out there know, that means kids under your feet when you need to work ! After having booked Sam on a cricket day, I was left wondering what to do with Grace. Enter a fantastic new venture in Chelmsford called "Make Do & Mend". Run by the lovely Hannah, she is running crafty workshops where you can learn "traditional" crafts. Her workshop programme for the Spring includes Knitting for Beginners, Crochet for Beginners, Sewing for Beginners, 2 Dressmaking courses, How to make a cushion workshop, Introduction to Felt Making, Beginners Decoupage, Embroidery and lots more ! Also thrown into the mix for the school holidays are classes such as Pottery Painting, and it was this particular course that I found myself on with Grace yesterday morning.

Run by Mell of "The Potter's Bar" we had great fun painting ceramic cupcake trinket pots and can't wait to see how they turn out - watch this space for photos of the finished items !

Of course, spending a whole morning painting ceramic cupcakes wasn't very helpful to the processing and dispatch of the large number of orders that came in over the weekend, but never mind, I'll just have to work in the evenings to catch up !

On Sunday, I spent the whole day at a massive trade fair catching up with suppliers and also sourcing lots of new goodies for the BF website. Fingers crossed all the new supplies will be here very soon - I'll keep you updated.

Next, the 1.5mm thick woven felt is now back in stock (along with a new colourway - Cornflower,which will be on the website tomorrow).

Also back in stock are the cover buttons and giant flat-pad paperclips / bookmarks

A very exciting delivery came on Friday - a fantastic new book which I have been trying to stock for almost a year now ! Wool Toys & Friends is the follow-on book to the Woolpets publication which we stock. Full of lots of FANTASTIC needle felted creations, be sure to get your copy. It's a hardback book (which are always my favourite) and is a must for all you needlefelters !

Thank you to Mad about Bags and Made by Lolly for both nominating me for a Stylish Blogger award !

I feel very flattered and have to say that looking at the photo of me at the top of the page, I'm really NOT a stylish blogger ! If I'd have known Hannah would have been taking photos, I would have worn something much more colourful, put on some slap and washed my hair - LOL ! But thank you both ladies and I really hope you won't be offended if I don't do anything about it in this post - people have far too much to read as it is ! But I will make every effort to pass on the award in my next post

And finally, Blooming Felt will have a table at the Vintage & Handmade Fair at the Shire Hall in Chelmsford on Saturday 26th February. Open from 10am until 4pm, this Fair is a must for all you lovers of vintage clothing & accessories, handmade goodies and of course, fantastic felt supplies along with buttons, ribbons and lots more ... all from yours truly !!

If you're local, I look forward to seeing you there !



Mell said...

I loved reading your blog today - very indpiring indeed! and thanks so much for the mention x mell

mad about bags said...

looks like you and grace are having a fab time, i haven't done any pottery painting for ages...
all those courses sound amazing i shall pop over and take a look.
glad you liked the award....and good luck with the fair..
i'm glad you posted a picture because it was you i saw popping into the post office the other day (i recognized the pink mailing bags i use the same ones) and i was going to introduce myself but i thought that you would think i was quite mad....mmm don't answer that..i promise to say hi next time

made by lolly x said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day - those cupcakes look good enough to eat! How strange that we both nominated you at the same time - but not unexpected your blog is lovely! Enjoy the rest of half term.


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