And the winners are ....

So sorry for the late announcement of the winners of the FREEBIE GIVEAWAY ! I wanted to give everyone the best possible chance of entering and so closed the FREEBIE at 12 midnight.
So, without further ado - I popped all of the numbers, a massive 49 in total, into the random number generator website I found on Google ( and it produced the following numbers:

12 - which I believe was a comment from Claire Mackaness

18 - which was a comment from another Clare, of Weekend Crafter

Well done ladies - I will email you to get your address details and your Goody Bags will be on their way to you very soon !

Sorry to all those of you who didn't win this time but the next monthly FREEBIE will be up for grabs on 1st March. Same thing, you'll need to leave a comment on that particular post once it is published and the winner will be picked a week later.

Now - what to offer ?! You'll just have to wait and see

Thank you to EVERYONE who took the time and trouble to leave a comment on the Freebie Giveaway post - I was overwhelmed by the response.

Have a lovely weekend everyone
Sarah xx


clare said...

Woo Hoo...its me..Clare of weekend crafter..thanks so much Sarah..Can't believe ive won...thanks for the chance!!

Ive just emailed you my address!
Hugs Clare xxx

Congrats to Claire...xx How mad is that 2 Claire's

Tracy said...

Well done clare on winning the giveaway....

sarah just wanted to say i've nominated you for a stylish blogger award, but i know you are a very busy lady so it's not obligatory just spread the bloggy friendship around thats all
hope you're having a great half term


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