Today I had a couple of little visitors to my studio

Meet Master and Miss Mouse !!

Master and Miss Mouse normally reside in Grace's bedroom (when she's in residence !) But when she goes out, they sometimes get a little bit cheeky and pay me a visit in my studio.

They like to play hide and seek in amongst the felt

the jars of felt balls

and behind the bits and bobs on my shelves.

Cheeky little things

Today has been a lovely day ! Hubby took Sam & Grace out ALL DAY ! Now, I don't want you to think I'm sounding mean, but having a whole day to myself (on a weekend) is absolute bliss. I gave the house a good "bottoming" this morning (as they used to day in the good old days!) I then had a very leisurely lunch in the garden whilst reading the latest edition of Country Living magazine. And then I spent ALL AFTERNOON in the studio. I did up a couple of orders (just to keep on top of things), refilled lots of jars etc and then started a little project that I have been wanting to do for ages. Can you guess what it's going to be ??

I hope you've all had a lovely day too !!



Emma said...

It's lovely to have some time to yourself isn't it..!
I have no idea what that will be?
Love the little visitors..x

noelle said...

Hmmm peace and quiet and cl magazine bliss Your little friends are rather cute! xx


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