Take time to relax

After our recent sad news and various other troubles that we have had to deal with recently (surely we've had our lot by now !), it was lovely to be able to take some time out with the kids last Thursday to visit my friend's new beach hut (yay - they accepted her offer !) And with a mini heatwave in the South East, it was perfect weather for a day on the beach.

Uncle Albert still needs a little bit of TLC, but it was fantastic to be able to sit and drink tea in the beach hut whilst watching the children build sandcastles on the beach and not have to be actually sitting on the beach myself. I am one of those strange people that has a bit of an aversion to sand, so it was lovely to have a very civilised lunch in the hut with sand-free sarnies ! Thank you Amanda for a fantastic day. Maybe next time we should take some Pimms and your funky new picnic basket ?!

Of course, the lovely weather also makes the garden grow and at the moment it is looking particularly green. This is the view I have from my studio

and I do spend rather a lot of time looking out of the window when I should be doing up orders. We are still waiting for our roses to bloom - they're normally in full swing by now but I think with the terrible winter we had, they have decided to bide their time. Never mind, I'm sure they will be worth waiting for.

Unfortunately, not a lot of crafty stuff this time (it has been half-term), just a couple of new additions to the website to tell you about:

3 new designs of embroidered ribbon - scary monsters, dinosaurs and sky rockets

And I am now offering the 4mm thick felt in metre squares. Priced at £18 per metre (fantastic value for money especially as they're all handmade from 100% wool felt), you can find them in the 4mm thick felt section - just select the size you require from the drop down box on each colour. Limited supplies at the moment, but if they prove popular (and they are selling well) they will be stocked in larger quantities.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave comments on my last post about baby Freya. You are all extremely kind and all of my family are touched by your kind words - thank you xxx


Julia said...

Its nice to hear you had such a smashing day out, I love your beach photographs!

Sending love to you
Julia x x x

Bagladee said...

I'm so sorry to hear your news I'm only just catching up on some blog reading. I'm glad you had a lovely day out to be happy again. Hugs, Emma x


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