A Sneaky Peek

Helloooo !!

Hope you're all enjoying the glorious weather we've been having ? Doesn't the sunshine make you feel happy ?

As I haven't got a huge amount to tell you about lately I thought I'd show you some latest pics of my studio.

It's rapidly filling up and I am starting to get slightly concerned that I'm going to run out of space !! The buttons still haven't been organised properly although my assistant Alison says she'll be on the case very soon as she's fed up with hunting through drawers trying to find what it is that she's looking for - sorry Alison :o(

I had some of those lovely floating shelves put up to display lots of "samples" (oh, and my digital radio which is tuned to Absolute 80s !)

The metres of thick felt sit on the bottom shelves (I think you can just about see them below) and the lovely Gillian Gladrag felting kits reside on top of the shelving units (that just shows how little space I have left !)

Whenever I get a delivery of felty goodies in, I always end up with giant boxes sitting around for weeks because I don't have enough room to put everything away - you can see one of the boxes in the photo below

There is still one wall left which doesn't actually have any storage units so I really need to get myself down to Ikea and pick up another couple of units. I feel the need for some more sweetie jars to be displayed on them, especially since I have a new line coming in very soon (watch this space !)

Now, do you remember this picture ?

Well .... look at it now ! Unfortunately, our field is still not properly fenced, and is now also home to a large digger (not ours sadly), but it has now at least been cut down so we can use it. The children love to go out there and have little dens in the trees which border the farmer's field. A very expensive, but worthwhile purchase.

See you soon !



Yvonne said...

Hi Sarah... the studio is looking blooming beautiful! There's never enough space is there... despite our best efforts at being organised!
Yvonne xx

Denise said...

Wow! I am amazed at your studio! Very inspiring!

Julia said...

Its completely and utterly gorgeous! I have total studio envy of the biggest kind!!

Much love
Julia x x x


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