Yoo-Hoo .... I'm Back !

Hi there !

I hope you all had a lovely Easter - I certainly did ! We were very lucky to be able to visit my parents' home in Florida over the Easter holidays so had lots of warmth, sun, rest and relaxation.
We swam

Saw the Space Shuttle Discovery launch

Had a fab time at the Aquatica water park

Were amazed at the Lego Indianna Jones

Saw our favourite cartoon character, Curious George

Shook our tail feathers with The Blues Brothers

Saw some very scary men with very long legs

Played golf

Laughed uncontrollably at my beauuuuuuutiful children until I had tears rolling down my face and most of the customers in the shop were laughing with me (or maybe at me !)

and just generally had a lovely time.

But now it's back to real life and after managing to oversleep big time this morning which resulted in Grace not getting to nursery until 11am (yes, 11am !) when she should have been there at 9am, I am slowly getting back to normal with general day to day life and, of course, Blooming Felt.

Whilst I was away lots of lovely felt deliveries arrived so I'm now fully stocked on the plain and beaded felt ball grab bags, as well as the grab bags of hearts, stars and pebbles. The mini felt stacks are back on the website, and the 1.5mm thick felt sheets are here, but just need to be cut to size.

2 wonderful new children's craft kits have been added to the website - Canvas kits featuring either a dinosaur

or a fairy.

These kits are suitable for children aged 3+ and make wonderful gifts. Do please take a look.

Now, Tutorials. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get the March tutorial on the website as one of the main components was out of stock and it would have been a bit silly of me to publish a tutorial if you couldn't buy all of the "ingredients" you needed ! But, that particular ingredient is now back in stock and so I've published March's tutorial in April. It's over there on the right-hand side and is a very lovely mobile ! Thank you to Mrs J for her wonderful work on this particular tutorial which I am absolutely thrilled with.

Oh, and one last thing. If you've got a few buttons that you don't know what to do with ... sew 'em on yer flip-flops (please excuse my chipped nail polish) !

See you next time!



Minky Magic said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! love the flip flops idea!

Julia said...

Oh it looks like you all had a fabulous time!! I love the new kits for children, will have to bear those in mind for future prezzie ideas - and the flip flops look fab too!!

Julia x x x

lauren carney said...

hay i really like these creations!
they're all quite adoreable!
thankyou for sharing!
your blog is delightful too btw!

have fun being wonderful x

noelle said...

What a fab holiday! Lucky you. The new kits look great x x x

Yvonne said...

Sounds like a perfect Easter break!. Loving the flip flops.... buttons could start to cover everything in my house if I'm not careful!


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