Nearly there !

I've been working like mad trying to get the studio properly organised and also getting completely up to date on all of the orders that everyone has been placing this last week. I think that once people realised that yesterday was the last posting date for Easter, some people went into panic buying mode and tried (but fortunately failed) to completely clear me out of stock !!

However, I am now up to date on all of my orders and have also managed to get myself more organised in the studio.

The electrician came and installed the storage heater so I'm nice and toasty down there now and the carpenter came and made me the most fantastic workbench.

Most of my supplies are now on the shelves and are organised (sort of!), but .... and I knew this would happen - I've run out of space !! Arghhhhhhh. Well, when I say I've run out of space, I mean I've filled up all of the original storage that I bought and still have rather a lot of stock that won't fit on the shelves so is still living in boxes on the floor. Grrrrrrrr. So, I feel another trip to Ikea coming on to buy yet more storage so that everything will have a home and I won't be hunting through boxes for certain things.

All of my jars of felt balls are organised (they do need filling up though)

All of the felt sheets are colour co-ordinated

The ribbons, yoyo makers, crochet flowers and flat pad findings have a home (although I am planning on having a couple of wooden rails installed that will house all of the ribbons so that I can just pull them off the reel when I need to cut them, rather than unstack them all first before having to cut them) - that should hopefully free up another couple of shelves.

The wool roving, needle felting supplies and books are all organised and the buttons .... well, that's a bit of a sore point at the moment because they're not very organised.

I won't show you the other side of the studio because that's where the extra boxes are still sitting on the floor awaiting new homes and that would just spoil everything !!

I haven't had a chance to pretty the studio up yet - I've got lots of lovely pictures that I want to put up, my Blooming Felt sign (which I'm still waiting for my Dad to make !) and the wonderful pictures that I WON - yes, I can't believe it - I actually won a giveaway from the wonderful Julia Crossland's blog - you really must pay her a visit and admire her beautiful artwork. Thanks Julia - can't wait to receive the goodies !! And I've also got a number of other "projects" that I and Mrs J (my tutorial lady) have made up, all of which need to be shown off in the studio.

Actually, talking of Mrs J - she is busy working away on some new tutorials. I know I've been a bit slow in getting this month's tutorial onto the website, but that's purely because one of the main components has been out of stock. However, it finally arrived today and so I will try my very hardest to get the Tutorial on the website this week - if not, it will become the April tutorial !!

So, that's enough jabbering from me for the time being. I'm having a bit of a rest now and will be back on the 14th April, raring to go (and with lots more new stock hopefully!). The website will remain open and taking orders, but nothing will be processed until 14th April. Once again, apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.

See you soon

Love one happy lady xx


mad about bags said...

the workshop looks great very tidy!!!
i was and still am the same when it comes to storage there's never quite enough!!!boxes and more boxes perhaps i should stop buying fabric and that might solve the problem!!!
have a great rest and i'll contact you after the easter hols to arrange a nosey!!!
take care

Emma said...

Wow, That looks absolutely fab! Well done you, that looks like a really nice environment to work in.
I thought of you the other day.
I saw a pair of shoes covered in spots, they were from a company called Freerangers...x

ana said...

Those jars look great. In fact your whole workshop looks more like a shop-shop, it's so tidy and colourful. I think my bank manager would be very unhappy if you ever opened your doors to the public!

Abigail Thomas said...

Ah! I love the jars of felt balls!!! They look so scrumy, like an old sweet shop!

Julia said...

Oh it just gets better and better, it really does! I love how you have created shelves full of rainbow goodness, if I were to work in there my heart would be singing everytime I walked through the door!

Sending love

ps - thank you for the mention too, and by the way, I'm not sure if you've tried to send it already, but I still haven't got your address to post your goodies off to! :)

noelle said...

ooh i am so jealous of your studio! its all looking lovely, well done x x

Arkerchi said...

it is such a beautiful place for your beautiful handiwork.

silverpebble said...

Hello there, I have been having a lovely time discovering your blog - what gorgeous felt and your studio! You lucky thing. I shall be peeping back here regularly. (Btw, SOuthwodl is one of my favourite places in the world. Your fish and chips image made my mouth water.

saraeden said...

Oh it looks fab i am soooo jealous , i would love a bigger space to work in !

Hope you are all ok and have a super easter hols x

Sara x

silverpebble said...

What a wonderful working space you have created for yourself. I expect you're inspired now - you certainly loook smiley!



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