Lots of lovely new stuff !

In between sorting the new studio out, I've been trying to get some of the lovely new stock onto the website.

It's a slow old process photographing everything, then measuring it all so that I can get the correct details in the website description which seems to take me forever to think about what to write, and then uploading it all to the website, making sure it's all in the right categories etc. But I think I'm nearly there with it all. I won't go into a huge amount of detail here because my poor brain is getting a bit tired, so I'll just show you the photos which you can click on to be magically transported to that particular item on the website. OK, here goes :

New button mixes

Blushing Mushroom (what a fantastic name !!)

and Wuthering Heights

Shell Buttons available in 4 colourways

JUMBO Ric Rac in 5 colourways (with another 2 still to come - my supplier is out of stock at the moment !)

GIANT spotty buttons in 2 new colourways - pink

and teale

A new colour in wool roving - turquoise (code C2)

There are more new products still to come but I'll tell you about these when they get here.

The HUGE felt delivery arrived yesterday and I'm in the processing of updating the website with quantities of 4mm thick felt sheets, felt string/cord, felt balls, pebbles, stars, hearts and wool. All being well I should also be receiving another delivery next week which will contain grab bags and mini felt stacks and as soon as they get here, I'll update the website again with the restock.

Which reminds me .... the LAST POSTING DATE FOR EASTER IS TUESDAY 23RD MARCH. After that, the website will still be taking orders, but nothing will be processed until WEDNESDAY 14TH APRIL. I will be having a bit of a rest so apologise for any inconvenience that the delay will cause.

Things are happening in the studio - the outside step has been built and the carpenter is on the case with the workbench. Paul has put all of the Ikea units together and the electrician is due this week to fit the storage heater and then hopefully, by Saturday, I will have MOVED IN !!

I've started to put a few bits and pieces in there, but I wish I hadn't because now I'm working from 2 rooms again and it's a bit of a long walk down the garden every time I need some felt sheets or some wool ! Never mind ... not long now

More studio photos to follow next time .......

Sarah xx


Minky Magic said...

Looks like it's coming together really well! I'm so glad you have large ric-rac I have been looking for ages. What other colours will you be stocking? I will definately be doing an order soon!

mad about bags said...

the workshop is coming along great!! i have 5 of the expedit units in mine and they are so handy for all my fabrics etc, i'm loving the giant ricrac as minky magic said haven't been able to find it anywhere and i love the giant spotty buttons... as i'm just down the road i think i might have to invite myself round for a big nosy at your new room and to relive you of some stock too!!!

Blooming Felt said...

Hi Ladies !

The giant ric rac is fab I have to say - I think (but I can't remember !) that the missing 2 colours are lime green and also a teal sort of colour. I'll try and check up on it tomorrow.

Tracy - you'd be more than welcome to pop round for a cuppa and a nosey - email me via my website and we can hopefully sort a date out !

felt bags said...

nice post..really enjoyed reading this... thanks for sharing...

made with love said...

It's all looking really great. Oh, you are living my dream. Enjoy it.
Rachael XX

Pandora said...

It looks great - I love the dotty buttons.


Julia said...

Sarah!! You've won my giveaway!! Hurrah!!!!! Im so very pleased, do come over and send me your details wont you, so I can pop the goodies in the post for you!
I love your new button supplies, they are mouth wateringly lovely - and your workshop is coming on a treat!

Much love
Julia x x x

noelle said...

wow its all looking good! congrats on winning Julia's blog giveaway! x x


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