Seeing Spots !

Last week, one of my school mum friends came over to help me with getting organised for the Knitting & Stitching Show.

Her job was to count out and bag up buttons. And more buttons. And even more buttons ! If she wasn't seeing spots before, she certainly was by the time she had finished ! Thanks Alison - you did a fab job !!

My job was to stick little felt flowers onto the sample cards. I've decided to take a whole load of these with me to the show, just in case I run out of felt sheets and then people can see what they could have bought .... if they'd have been quicker !!

I've also spent my spare (!) time cutting out felt gift tags, which are now stored in colour order in my lovely baskets and will have the prices embroidered onto the corresponding shaped gift tag, which will hang from the handle of the basket. Hmmm - I think I might be getting a little carried away now ! But, sometimes it pays to give people ideas as to how they might actually use my goodies. Sadly, not everyone has the forsight to think how to use my goodies, so a gentle shove in the right direction usually does the job !

5000 leaflets have been printed (and re-folded by my parents and sister - thanks guys x - as the printers had folded them wrongly) and are sitting in boxes in the playroom (you see, it's starting to take over !) 2000 printed paper carrier bags are on their way to me. The chip & pin machine has been ordered. I'm still waiting for my huge felt delivery which should, fingers crossed, be here next week. Once that arrives I can start to bag up even more grab bags of felt balls, hearts, pebbles and the new addition to that range. Can't tell you what just yet - but watch out for my next blog post. More crochet flowers have been crocheted (thanks Carmen), price lists are done and are waiting to be printed, price tags are waiting to be typed up and printed, label tops are printed and have been cut out by my Father-in-Law whilst they were visiting this weekend - thanks Terry ! x. Felt stacks are cut and stacked and just need threading together with something and finishing off / securing with a button at either end ... you see, I am definitely getting carried away now and feel like I'm actually making more work for myself !!

Oooh, oooh. Another thing I just thought of .... check these out !!

Remember the little 15mm red spotty buttons that I sell (well, when I have them in stock that is. But sadly my supplier has been out of stock of the small red spotties for months ... literally). So how do these grab you instead?

GIANT red and white spotty buttons and GIANT navy and white spotty buttons - measuring a MASSIVE 55mm! £2.50 each - glue a brooch pin on the back - attach them to a lovely snuggly jumper or your winter coat and away you go ! Watch people's faces as they clock your funky new brooch !!

Also back in stock are the BIG ONE purple buttons, along with new BIG ONE lime green buttons and new BIG ONE blue buttons.
All of these buttons are now available on the website

Today was Sam's brithday party - we had all the boys from his class and his best friend Chloe to the party, and went here. It's a fab place and the kids (and their Dads !) all really enjoyed the zip wires, climbing walls and rope courses, followed by lunch in the secret nuclear bunker !!

One party down, one to go - Grace's party is next weekend so I'm off to put together party bags for her party next Saturday and then thread some of the felt stacks together! It's great being a working mum !!!

Sarah x


dottydaisies said...

oh my i love the big spotty buttons may have to purchase a few!!

Ceri Rua Designs said...

Wow you have been busy, i love the new huge buttons reminds me of toadstools, looks like your stall will look amazing, too far for me to travel to have a look though...
Just finishing some scarves off using a mixture of your felt balls, will send you opics when ready, great Blog, Nikki


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