Felt Frenzy

OK, so now I'm going felt crazy. FINALLY, my shipment of feltiness arrived after having been held in customs for over a week as they'd changed the import rules back in July and no-one told me !

The race is now on to get everything counted and bagged up in time for the show which is now just over a week away : eek

Unpacked yesterday :
  • Wool Roving
  • Felt Balls - beaded and plain - new colour now available - C2 which is turquoise
  • Felt String
  • Felt Sheets
  • Felt Pebbles
  • Felt Hearts
and, introducing (drum roll) ......................................................................................................................


These are the new addition to my wet-felted range and match the pebbles and hearts. At the moment, I'm only putting a limited amount on the website because I need to take lots to the show with me, but I've had a number of customers request these particular stars and I have to say they are really lovely. Perfect to use as Christmas decorations either plain as they are, or embellished. These should be on the site within a couple of days.

Earlier this week I actually ran out of felt so was unable to finish the felt stacks. But with new supplies now here, I can finish these off. Sadly, sewing through each stack and finishing off with a button at either end was way too time consuming so after a quick family brain-storming session it was decided that I should use up the ribbon that had been languishing in a box upstairs for far too long and tie up each stack like a little parcel. Much quicker and, I think, quite pretty. Hopefully customers to my stand will think so too !

Child labour is alive and kicking in our house ... Sam & Grace have both been helping me with counting out and bagging up felt balls, stars, pebbles and hearts. They really love helping me with my little business and I have to say that yesterday I couldn't have done without Grace. Fortunately for her (and you !) she only needed to put one of each colour felt star into each bag and she did a brilliant job. We managed to get 80 sets of felt stars bagged up in no time at all !!

Today is Grace's 4th birthday. She's had a lovely day with lots and lots of pressies and a great party with all of her friends this afternoon.


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Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Grace. Stars look great, can't believe that Alle Palle is coming round so quick. Glad your Grace helps mine tries but hasn't quite got the hang of it yet!


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