A little bit of Retail Therapy

Sometimes, just sometimes (not very often though), I get a little fed up with just buying stuff for the website. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE all of the stuff that I buy to sell in my little webshop and for the most part it does satisfy my shopaholic tendancies .

But when there's a nip in the air (ok - so it's been almost 80 degress here over the last couple of days, but you get what I mean ?!), the leaves start to change colour and I get a little stressed out whenever I look at my TO DO list, I think that there has to be some perks to working so hard . So I hit the internet in search of goodies just for me !!

Etsy is usually my first stop because I love to wear stuff that's a little different. I had this gorgeous necklace in my favourite items list for ages and ages and kept looking at it and deliberating whether I should treat myself or not. The last time I went to look at it, it had been SOLD !! Arghhhh.

Not to worry - I will convo the shopkeeper and ask ever so nicely if she would mind doing me another one. "Of course" came the reply "I'd love to". So, to Gill (if you're reading this blog) - THANK YOU !! I adore it. And to make it even better, the other lovely item I bought from her had a little freebie with it as well. Double THANK YOU !!

Hmmm - what next ? Maybe some new clothes? I'd had in my mind that I wanted a denim pinafore dress that I could wear over leggings but despite searching most of the high street type shoppies on the net, no-one seemed to have any. So I went to that dreaded site Ebay. I know, I know - it's not the ideal place to go clothes shopping, but when you can't find what you want anywhere else, chances are Ebay will have it. And they did !!

I found a BNWT Alexa Chung denim pinafore in my size and a bargain at £2.99. Lovely - thank you very much. And I have to say that when it arrived I was thrilled to bits with it - it fits perfectly (even if it makes me take wonky photos !)

Then, one of my favourite clothes websites sent me an email announcing their Autumn catalogue so I thought I'd have a look and see if they had any nice jeans. Unfortunately not ... BUT look what I did get !!!

The description for this top said "its fun and funky and should never be worn by miserable people!" How true - I'm a happy bunny (or should that be happy owl ?)

This is really fab and I wore it yesterday drawing admiring glances and comments - well, I think they were about the top - I did check that it wasn't tucked in my knickers or anything and am pretty sure it wasn't so the comments must have been about my cool new top ! I'm definitely going to wear this at Ally Pally.

Then - can you tell I was really getting into shopping just for me by now?!! I found a gorgeous tunic dress / top in Next - ok, so everyone else will be wearing it as well, but it's just soooo nice that I couldn't say no !

And finally, with winter on the way I thought I'd treat myself to a new pair of boots. And guess what? They look great with all of my lovely purchases !



Sarah said...

Loving the retail therapy, especially the owl top and those boots, OMG need to get me some before the Winter sets in!!!

Elaine said...

Where are the boots from? They are fab


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