We're back !!!

After taking the decision just before Christmas to stop posting on this blog, I have now done a complete u-turn and decided that we'll bring it back to life !!

It's extra work for me, but even though we have a blog on our website, I find that's very "business" orientated and this little old blog always let me post all sorts of random stuff on here including family stuff, holiday stuff and of course, business stuff.  And let's face it, constantly talking business does get a bit boring even though Blooming Felt business stuff is NEVER, EVER boring !!

I'm not sure how many of the people that read this blog also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc and I suspect I'll be duplicating some stuff, but there will be lots of "new" stuff on here and as FB doesn't let you run competitions then we'll do them through this blog instead :o) 

So - we're back !!!

Hopefully you haven't abandoned us completely and it would be lovely if you could spread the word that we're back with "News from Shedquarters" and perhaps leave a little comment on this post so that we know you haven't forgotten about us.

If you don't follow us through other social media type sites, then you won't know that we are now stocking 1mm thick 100% wool felt !!  It has been a long time coming, but it's finally here - 30 colours at the moment, with the likelihood that we'll be taking the full 70 colour range from the supplier VERY soon 

And in my next post I'm hoping to have some even more exciting news to tell you.

In the meantime, do please leave us a comment and let us know you're here !!

See you next time


Tracy said...

Lovely to see you back in blog land and looking forward to hearing all your news x

Ana said...

Oh dear, I'm so behind in my post reading that I didn't realise you'd gone! I'm still here - glad you are too :¬)

Shell said...

Yay..much better seeing you here :)

Sue Vaughan said...

Great to see you back. Look forward to reading more of your posts. Sue x

Myra said...

Good to see you back. No formailities here!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing all your news on this blog, thank you for keeping it going


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