We've been away so long ......

Sorry folks - the school holidays have finally taken their toll on me and something had to give ! Sadly, for you, it was the updating of this blog !

But, I've put some time aside today so make a list of the new goodies that have recently made their way onto the website and to update you on life at Blooming Felt Shedquarters in general.

So, first up. An update on what has been happening.

Well, this week we have taken over the lease of a storage unit / small warehouse !! Whilst we will still be operating from Blooming Felt Shequarters and this is where all of your orders will be processed and dispatched from, we now have a fantastic new storage space where we will keep the majority of our stock. We have been looking for some time for the perfect storage solution for us and finally found it. Because we now have much more storage space, we'll be able to stock lots more products ! Good news all round !

Preparations for The Knitting & Stitching Show are now well underway. Ally Pally Ali and Rosie have been doing a fantastic job making lists of everything that will be needed for the show, along with making up kits, labelling grab bags etc. Lots of new stock for the show is arriving on a regular basis and I think (!) things are under control (famous last words!)

We've also been extremely busy lately due to the fact that we have been very fortunate to have been featured in a number of craft magazines. Sew Hip, in particular, have been spreading the Blooming Felt love with them featuring us in their "Sew on the Net" feature last month and an interview with yours truly this month (in the shops now) along with a tutorial by us on how to make your own felt.

And that, I think, leads us very nicely onto the new products on our website !

If you've seen the tutorial in Sew Hip (and even if you haven't) and fancy having a go at making your own felt, then our new felt making starter kits will be perfect for you. Each kit contains everything you need to make your own felt - 75g of wool (25g each of 3 colours), bubble wrap, a bar of wool fat soap and a set of instructions. Everything comes done up in one of our fantastic branded cotton drawstring bags and costs just £8.25.

(sorry - rubbish photo !)

Due to popular demand, we have added an extra colour of felt shapes to our range. Now available in ivory / cream (code W1, which matches all of the other W1 felt on our site), you can buy each size of felt flower, felt heart and felt circle in this colourway - on the website in the next couple of days !

The crochet beads are back ! Available in 5 colourways - red, lilac, pink, green and turquoise and each measuring approximately 2cm with a 2mm hole, these crochet balls look fab teamed with our felt balls to create necklaces & bracelets.

The resin cabochons have been fully restocked and are now back on the website, along with a new colour of the rose cabochon - bright green.

We've also been busy adding colour names to all of our felt.
Whereas before we used to just code everything ie. R1 , BL1, P1 etc., we've now tried to come up with colours that best describe those particular codes. So, for example, code R1 is Pillar Box Red, code BL1 is Royal Blue, P1 is Bubblegum Pink etc. We've still left all of the codes on the felt for ease of use (and because that's what we use ourselves to identify the colours), but for our new customers, we've found that they can more easily identify which colours they're likely to need by the names. These names have been added to our felt balls, felt sheets, felt string, felt gift tags, felting wool and felt shapes.

We have a number of other new products all on their way, along with a rather large delivery of felty goods (to our new warehouse!). If there are particular colours of metre squares that you are waiting to come back into stock, these should hopefully be here sometime next week.

That's it for now - see you next time for the monthly giveaway ! (is it that time again already ??!!!)

Sarah xx


Bagladee said...

Ola Chica, wow that was an update and a half. Only just spotted that you supplied felt to Paris Fashion Week. Woooooooooo exciting, well done you Mrs!! Glad to see you back blogging, missed ya. x

Pretty Petal Handmade said...

Wow you have been busy - Im exhausted just reading all that!

Summer holidays have meant that spare time is at a minimum in our house too, however, its my housework that has suffered rather than my blog! LOL!

Looking forward to putting an order in with you in the not too distant future!

Rhi x x

Blooming Felt said...

Thanks Hun - sorry if it was a bit of a long read ! X


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