TK Maxx rocks !!

If you're lucky enough to have a TK Maxx close to where you live (as I am), then you'll know about all the fab things you can often find in there. If you don't, then you need to get yourself down to the nearest one and see what you're missing out on !

As our bathroom is now sitting in the garden and I couldn't stand being in all that mess a minute longer, I decided to take myself out and have a little wander around the Retail Park (not a fan of those sort of places, but sometimes needs must), and found myself in TK Maxx. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but sometimes, that's the best thing about shopping right ? You're not looking for stuff, but you find LOADS of stuff that you want ! Similarly, when you're looking for something in particular, you can bet your bottom dollar that you'll NEVER find it !
But anyway .....

There I was wandering around TK Maxx when I came across this

A Thomas Kent wall clock !! If you know anything about this particular make of ceramic clock, you'll know that they're rather pricey. Not so in TK Maxx ! £14.99 for what is normally a £50 clock ! Not a thing wrong with it and the PERFECT colour for my kitchen (it does have 2 hands !)

Next, I noticed the man putting out a whole load of garden type stuff. I saw a fantastic bright pink cafe style table & chairs and was absolutely desperate to buy it, but then did manage to pull myself together when I thought of the look that hubby would have given me had I come home with it ! So I bought the next best thing ....

A brilliant set of bright pink enamel planters - not for use in my garden - these will be used in both the Studio AND at the Knitting & Stitching Show.

And then, I saw these ...

Even better for use at the Knitting & Stitching Show (it didn't have the felt balls in it of course, that would have been mad, and think of the mess all over the floor if someone had knocked them over - but I do think they make a rather fetching display don't you ?)

So now you know - TK Maxx ROCKS !!!

Get yourself down there !!


LissyLou said...

i so love TKMAXX for its home where, i have some very unusual bits from there xx

Country Rose said...

Those garden planters are gorgeous..! Love the bright colours..!

Ashley x

made by lolly x said...

I love TK Maxx and was sooooo tempted by the pink planter you've picked to display my brooches in! I resisted, only to be persuaded 5 minutes later by some lovely shabby chic wooden crates... I very rarely can resisit temptation in Tk Maxx!


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